Assisted Machine Translation

Assisted Machine Translation and its Background Machine Translation, as all natural language processing applications, requires a lot of information: lexical, grammatical, translation equivalences, etc. Whatever way this knowledge is used, this knowledge must be instantiated (in dictionaries, in rules, in repository of examples, in collections of parallel texts) and processed. These two factors, knowledge collection and effective knowledge use, form the major bottlenecks faced nowadays for Machine Translation.

Computer programs are designed as to cope with general, unrestricted circumstances. In the end it usually turns out that in order to make them performant some customization is required. This gives rise to Assisted Machine Translation, with human as a facilitator during the process of Machine Translation.

Why Oriprobe Assisted Machine Translation is Special Oriprobe's featured Assisted Machine Translation will significantly improve the quality of Machine Translation with extra attention paid to the following aspects:

  • Proofreading of the source text: To correct errors resulting from OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in the source document; and to restructure problematic sentences in the source text;
  • Glossaries: To use special vocabularies in particular domains of subjects;
  • Machine Training: To train the machine to recognize specific terms in the context of the source document by using the existing human translated abstract or the first paragraph;
  • Human intervention in restructuring translated sentences: To restructure key sentences after machine translation and make them understandable and to make sure the key points of the source text are not lost; and most importantly,
  • Facilitated translation of charts, graphs and tables   as they are very important, if not critical, to the audience.

View an example of Oriprobe Assisted Machine Translation.

Why You Need Oriprobe Assisted Machine Translation Oriprobe Assisted Machine Translation is a cost-effective way to gain a basic understanding of what the material contains, including charts, graphs and tables. It will provide you with the gist of the material at a cost, in a timeframe and with the quality that could not be matched anywhere else.

What Not to Expect from Oriprobe Assisted Machine Translation Oriprobe Assisted Machine Translation may be prefect for your intended purpose. However, customers should not expect the quality of Assisted Human Translation or Professional Human Translation services.

In order to receive a free quote, you are encouraged to submit your request online with instructions as to which language you would like us to translate into or send us an email at We will contact you within a few hours.

How to proceed

  • For documents retrieved from China/Asia on Demand (CAOD), please request Assisted Machine Translation Service at the transaction confirmation page or at the time when submitting your online order form. A free quote will be sent to you shortly;
  • For documents beyond China/Asia on Demand (CAOD), you may submit the translation service order online with a note as to which language you would like us to translate into or send us an e-mail, with the targeted document attached. A free quote will be sent to you within several hours;
  • If you accept the price quoted, you could make the payment online or via invoicing, and the translated document will be sent to you within the time frame required.

Pricing The cost is usually US$120 per article. It may vary depending on the number of charts, graphs and tables in the article and the length of the article.

For further information on Oriprobe Assisted Machine Translation Service, please feel free to contact us at

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