Integrated Portal for NPC and CPPCC

This integrated portal aims to provide a one-stop platform to the comprehensive coverage of information on NPC (National People's Congress) and CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference). Please click on the links of the NPC and CPPC databases listed below:

  • National People's Congress (Aspects of each NPC session)
  • Includes: archives and documents of each NPC session, from the 1st Session of 1st NPC to present, with Deputy Lists, Agendas, Conference Updates, Documents and Reports, Resolutions and Statements, Leaders’ Activities, Selected Proposals, Suggestions of the Deputies, News Reports, Pictures, Press Conferences, Important Commentaries, Video Reports, etc.

  • National People's Congress (NPC Standing Committee and NPC knowledge)
  • Includes: information on NPC Standing Committee, its Gazettes, Provincial NPC, NPC laws, Miscellaneous Knowledge on NPC, and more.

  • Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  • Inlcudes: archives and documents of each CPPCC session,from the 1st Session of 1st CPPCC to present, with Resolutions and Statements, Pictures, Press Conferences, Important Commentaries, Representatives Lists, Agendas, Session Updates, Reports, Leaders' Activities, Selected Proposals and Suggestions from Representatives, News Reports, Video Reports, etc.

  • NPC CPPCC Journals published in Mainland China
  • The full-text collection of the NPC & CPPCC journals contains the main journal titles related to NPC and CPPCC published in Mainland Chinaa. The unique collection is an invaluable asset for NPC & CPPCC research.

Main Features:
  • A wide range of materials: archives, documents, audio/video clips, pictures, news, journal articles, and other materials. See details at and;
  • Information on National People’s Congress (NPC) at the central and regional levels;
  • Comprehensiive coverage from the 1st Session of 1st NPC/CPPCC to the present;
  • Featured inclusion of "常委会公报" (Gazettes of the NPC Standing Committee), knowledge on NPC, NPC laws, and more.
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