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Marine Fire

ISSN 1672-0156 
Organizer: zhong guo hang hai xue hui jiao tong bu shang hai chuan bo yun shu ke xue yan jiu suo  
Description: "Fire Water" magazine, formerly known as "marine scientific and technological developments." Is by the National Science and Technology, Information Press Department, approval of relevant departments, since 2002, by the Chinese Ministry of Communications, Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute, China Water Fire Protection Association jointly sponsored the popular public offering domestic and international journals, is the only a water fire professional publications. Fire is a national publication Zhongdian, in the magazine during the preparatory process has been fourteen Ministry of Public Security Bureau, the China Fire Protection Association and the incoming water system on all aspects of care, support and help. By the port and shipping and other water units, water and fire workers, welcomed and supported the workers, the vast number of crew, port and shipping, maritime, ship owners, ship inspection and fire workers in related fields intimate partner. "Fire Water" is a bimonthly, monthly issue, year 6, the International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1672-0156, national unity ISSN: CN31-1897 / U, is currently taking the national order, mail order and other channels of distribution. (Translated by machine.)