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Modern Economic Research

ISSN 1005-3999 
Organizer: jiang su sheng ren min zheng fu yan jiu shi  
Publisher: jiang su sheng ren min zheng fu yan jiu shi  
Description: "Modern Economic Research" (formerly known as "economy of Jiangsu") is a comprehensive economic theory of issue, domestic and foreign public offering. The purpose of the magazine as a journal: the Party's basic line, theory with practice, focusing on major issues in economic theory and empirical analysis of, close to the economic practice, cutting-edge theory to recover fully; full of China's economic reform and development hot and difficult issues, and strengthen the macro economy, regional economy, macroeconomic coordination runs deep research; implement the contending principles, the parties to exchange views, reflect the economic theory of the new progress and new achievements and new trends. Readers can subscribe to the local post office can also subscribe directly to the editorial department. (Translated by machine.)