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Money Weekly

ISSN 1009-9832 
Organizer: shang hai shi ji chu ban gu fen you xian gong si  
Description: Launched in March 2001 of the "Financial Week" is the first in Mainland China for all types of investors, professional financial magazine, published every Monday. From March 2002, the journal launched the "end of fiscal Weekly Edition", published in the early month, the country. "Money Week" sponsored by the Shanghai Century Publishing Group, the Group is the oldest of the publishing group, which owns book publishing, newspapers, periodicals, websites, books, logistics, book sales, audio-visual products such as dozens of companies, is the most influential publishing groups. "Money magazine" The birth of great concern by the public. March 2001, when he was Minister of Finance Xiang was founded to mention speech "The state should finance, people have to finance"; Chinese magazine for more than 50 media outlets reported. Well-known media overseas British "Financial Times", Dow Jones & Company, Phoenix, Singapore, "Lianhe Zaobao" had made a magazine interview. "Money magazine" full and timely introduction of the investment market information, opportunities, risks, and various investment instruments, financial management skills, covering stocks, bonds, funds, foreign exchange, trust, insurance, consumer credit, collections, real estate, industrial investment and consumption and so on. The journal aims to: stimulate the financial business potential mining wealth opportunity. "Money Week" reporters and editors from the text of the new Shanghai, the liberation of the two newspaper groups, a senior financial editors and reporters in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, with correspondents in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Japan employed special contributors, and a number of high-level market (advertising, distribution) marketing experts. Founded two years, "Money Magazine" for its unique perspective of news, editorial principles of fair and timely editorial style, the introduction of a number of high-impact reports and exclusive news, such as "RMB is very valuable," "making the absolute exposure" , "B stock bubble alert", "Inventory of Chinese companies" American disease "," and so on. June 2002 launch of the "touchstone of evaluation system of Chinese listed companies", in July 2002 with the professional market research companies to report on "China's major cities financial index" and so had a significant impact.  (Translated by machine.)