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Monthly of Essays

ISSN 1009-2218 
Organizer: he bei ri bao she he bei sheng za wen xue hui  
Publisher: za wen yue kan za zhi she  
Description: Purpose of the magazine: "China on the Court, Lu Xun strength of character"; "reform and innovation, Jizhuoyangqing, restraining evil and promote good." ★ main audience: high school education or more, concerned about the fate of the country's future walks of life. ★ title change: "Essays community" (January 1985 - 1999 12 months) "Monthly Essay" (2000 - present) ★ main forum section: frontispiece vertical red pen to fly at the candied Ming Dy white sword forging to say that praise or criticize my assorted inch iron shot stone people and things that chat room dialogue is that non-half-true half-Magic express their opinions and essays ABC essay Selective Dissemination of Information Window ★ Instructions for Authors Notes: ① promote righteousness, to denounce ugly, is conducive to social progress; ② insights novel, Force reject "parrot" work; ③ ideological and artistic both; ④ form of restriction on number of words is not limited. (Translated by machine.)