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Marriage Family

ISSN 1003-2991 
Organizer: zhong guo hun yin jia ting yan jiu hui  
Publisher: hun yin yu jia ting bian ji bu  
Description: "Marriage and Family" magazine of the journal are: the field of marriage and family concerns new ideas, new viewpoints, new problems, and promote scientific, healthy and civilized lifestyle. The magazine has "law watched Love," "fate of the big crash," "reporter attack", "human big test", "Click celebrities" and other documentary readable type column, by readers like. In 1999, the magazine won the National Press and Publication Administration of the first "National Journal Award Nomination Award" and "focus on the second session of the National Social Science Journal Hundred" award. 2002 Press and Publication Administration of China Journal of the square array, was named "Double Award Journal." 8000 kinds of journals in the country more than 70 top. Chinese Women's Association of Newspapers in the previous evaluation carried out in a good draft of the activities, total 40 articles were the first, second and third. Read "Marriage and the Family," endless benefits. (Translated by machine.)