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Medical Academic Forum

ISSN 1005-0019 
Organizer: zhong guo bao jian xie hui  
Publisher: jian kang da shi ye bian ji bu  
Description: "Perspectives of health" by the Ministry of Health in charge of the national integrated medical journal, by Ministry of Science and Technology Journals Indexed in Chinese. The magazine is a fortnightly, large capacity, delivered quickly, and overseas public offering. Medical Academic version of the magazine dedicated to medical workers for the purpose of service, honesty, truth-seeking, innovative approach of running to demonstrate the achievements of medical science to build a platform for academic exchanges and promote the development of medical and health services and raise the level of the National Health responsibility, health policy advocacy, passing the voice of medical workers to report medical and health work and experience in the field of scientific research, strengthen domestic and international medical and academic exchanges with high academic quality and authority. (Translated by machine.)