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Microcomputer Development

ISSN 1005-3751 
Organizer: shan xi sheng ji suan ji xue hui  
Publisher: wei ji fa zhan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication of the China Computer Federation (CCF) journal, Chinese core journals (selection) Indexed periodicals; Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database Source Journals; Chinese Academic Journal (CD) specification and evaluation of an excellent journal. Main published: computer science research and development at home and abroad, the latest achievements of technology and innovation, software and applications research and development of new technologies and successful experience. Related to computer science, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, computer vision, speech processing, neural networks, knowledge engineering, expert systems, decision support; computer architecture, system integration, parallel processing, distributed systems, embedded systems; computer components, peripherals, computer manufacturing and testing, computer networks and communication technology; software environment and tools, software engineering, operating system, database, management information; computer-aided design, process control, modeling and simulation, virtual reality technology; graphics and image processing and system testing and performance evaluation, system security and data security technology. (Translated by machine.)