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Modern Marketing

ISSN 1009-2994 
Organizer: chang chun shang ye guo you zi chan jing ying gong si  
Publisher: xian dai ying xiao bian ji bu  
Description: ★ purpose of the magazine: business services for small and medium investors in options. ★ title change: "Gong Xiaoyuan Friends" (the original) "Modern Marketing" (1994 - present) ★ main forum sections: Perspectives of commercial warfare, marketing, exploration, sea elite, classic case studies, capacity and quality, investment ★ Notes and financial management for contributors: 1 dispatch of non-state starting at the first, against the Multiple submissions. Are responsible for your own risk. 2 is true, with related documents. Must be readable. 3, theoretical manuscripts must be an instance of domestic enterprises as recent material, avoid empty, boring. (Translated by machine.)