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Marketing & Management

ISSN 1009-8585 
Organizer: nei meng gu xin hua bao ye zhong xin  
Publisher: xiao shou yu guan li bian ji bu  
Description: "Sales and Management" magazine is the first spread of new marketing concepts, practical cases published in the latest marketing, business management knowledge on the latest large-scale economic management issue. 30 million words in each issue, with a large amount of information, case for, knowledge of professional features, set applicability, informative, readable, the series in one. Dissemination of the latest marketing ideas, real cases published in the latest marketing knowledge on the latest business management practices of large-scale administered monthly. Journal has the following characteristics: market liquidity cycle is long; distribution channels, market coverage; external resource-rich, and the industry media, various industry associations, consulting research studies, planning and other institutions have good cooperation; accurate positioning, text intensive .  (Translated by machine.)