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ISSN 1673-8365 
Organizer: nan jing shi wen xue yi shu jie lian he hui  
Publisher: ming ri feng shang ( sheng huo tai du ) za zhi she  
Description: MING in the April 2006 general release in major cities.     MING is a noble and upright life, a large entertainment fashion magazine in January in three volumes, sub A, B, C three books, Hong Kong and Taiwan in mainland China has rich information, entertainment and authority of the interview, and a large number of international and domestic high-grade fashionable life information.     A book (Ming stars and celebrities), adhere to the sincere attitude of professional first-hand reports of Chinese and foreign entertainment and celebrity star fun dynamic fashion, through a professional editorial team and rich social networks, access to celebrities trust, dialogue and disclosure of affection exclusive interview.     B Books (Attitude attitude to life), designed for the unique personality, attention to quality, adhere to the creativity, attention to community values and quality of life and passion for the value of the readers mind set. Contents include consumption of high fashion and life style information, social care and human interest, and has extensive domestic and international culture and art to explore the concept of dynamic information and cutting-edge.     C book (Top Fair International event), the team went to States by the publication correspondent live interview top world-class exhibitions, and then compiled fine book, is the collection class for the yearbook-style album. Will be the most important festivals each year, making a detailed consumer guide to fun album to give readers not only understand the consumer, but also to know how a smart consumer taste.     MING for domestic urban high grade, highly educated, high consumption of "three high" group, the new tailored comprehensive publication. It appears, to fill the gaps in the same type of publications in various journals become ever more finely in the market, the rich selection of creative integration of all the content, so the reader able to experience the full range of entertainment lifestyle, improve the quality of life.  (Translated by machine.)