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Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems

ISSN 1009-623X 
Organizer: bei jing hang kong hang tian da xue  
Publisher: dan pian ji yu qian ru shi xi tong ying yong bian ji bu  
Description: "Microcontroller and Embedded Systems" for the National Journal. Publication located in the microcontroller and embedded system based applications, microcontroller and embedded systems highlight some of the basic hardware and software technology, integrated development environment, new products and new technologies. Object distinct from professional journals in the project application object embedded systems, but also different from the general e-journals from the application of electronic technology, electronic components involved in embedded system applications perspective. Therefore, the publication and other objects, electronic journals are highly complementary. In accordance with the basic applications of embedded systems technology, stopped publication following set objectives: innovative ideas the industry forums, technical reviews, academic point of view and direction, technical guidance on the operation of the embedded system project in the technology hot spots comprehensive, perspective, analysis and review of technical aspect of the macro-overview of domestic and foreign advanced technology, integration, analysis and application to guide the new devices, new technologies and new devices, new technology, technical analysis, technical characteristics and typical applications of embedded systems applications world and typical application of scientific and technological achievements exchange of technical exchange of experience in the practice of embedded system applications experience, experience, research and development projects in the practice of systematic human knowledge Learn new technologies introduced in the basic knowledge and application of technology and information technology industry manufacturers full coverage of new products, new technology Complete technical support and programming of time between publication and reader to establish channels of communication, timely reports on technology trends, academic trends and industry dynamics (Translated by machine.)