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Space Medicine & Medical Engineering

ISSN 1002-0837 
Organizer: zhong guo hang tian yuan ke yan xun lian zhong xin  
Publisher: hang tian yi xue yu yi xue gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1988, mixed Chinese and English, the original is a quarterly to bimonthly in 1996, domestic public offering. Articles by the China Astronaut Research and Training Centre, organized mainly reported domestic aerospace medicine, biomedical engineering, and related human - machine - environment system engineering of new theories and new results, new technology and new trends. On the set of academic journals, literature review, Research Letters, and other columns, this issue is China's manned space flight and the life sciences one of the core journals, is currently Engineering Index (EI), the medical literature on-line Retrieval System (Medline), United States Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), National Aeronautics and Space Database, the Chinese statistical analysis of scientific papers and journal citation statistics sources, the Chinese Scientific Papers Database (CSCD), China Academic Journal Net (CJN), Articles Network, the China Biological Medicine Database ( CBN), China Science and Engineering Abstracts database (English), Chinese Biomedical Literature Database Journal (CMCC), China's aerospace and other authoritative database contains bibliographic database, the majority of degrees in related fields is a graduate and research staff and published papers in English Chinese paper of the big stage. (Translated by machine.)