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Marine Fisheries Research

ISSN 1000-7075 
Organizer: zhong guo shui chan xue hui  
Publisher: hai yang shui chan yan bian ji bu jiu  
Description: "Marine Fisheries Research" of the main published marine ecology, aquaculture disease control, genetic breeding, nutrition and feed, investigation and assessment of marine living resources, environmental protection, Mariculture engineering, food engineering, marine medicine, aquatic products quality inspection and quality control, offshore fishing, marine fishing techniques, fishing project, fishery economy, the strategic research in the field of marine research papers and research briefings. Over the years the editor of the Academy of Qi-Sheng Tang of the editorial board and under the leadership of the party and the government strictly implement the principles and policies, adhere to the "Hundred Flowers" purposes, and always give top priority to the quality of publications, strict implementation of publishing industry standards, so that the "Marine Fisheries Research" of choreography to standardization. Work, pay close attention to new trends in aquaculture development, major research on the professional and the latest research papers and reports test report timely solicit contributions, and can combine the situation and for the aquatic areas reflect the current hot, cutting-edge papers published in a timely manner. From articles published in recent years, the overwhelming majority of national and relevant provincial ministries issued a major research project research results, including national key project, the National Natural Science Foundation, key projects, 863 projects, the National Climbing Plan B project, the National 126 projects, National Basic Research Program (973) and so on. (Translated by machine.)