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Machine Tool Electric Apparatus

ISSN 1004-0420 
Organizer: cheng du ji chuang dian qi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: ji chuang dian qi bian ji bu  
Description: "Electric Machine" magazine is China's machine tool electrical (control device) one of the professional major magazines, has won the Outstanding Electrical and Mechanical Science and Technology Journal of the National Award. Founded 30 years ago, it is based on actual production, truth-seeking, novelty, refinement Selected related to manufacturing technology and exchange of experience in applied technology articles, reports and timely domestic and international technology, product information. Include electrical machines, low-voltage electrical appliances, all types of control devices, digital control and digital display, programmable logic controller (PLC), inverter, soft starter and automation, electronics, electrical materials, circuits and systems, experimental testing of the new professional technology, new achievements, new experiences, new trends, rich in content and practical, suitable for all industry wide University of electrical appliances, electrical appliances, electrical control of the majority engaged in scientific and technical personnel, workers and the teachers and students to read. (Translated by machine.)