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Medical Journal of Communications

ISSN 1006-2440 
Organizer: nan tong da xue  
Publisher: jiao tong yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: Is the traffic director, organized by the University, Nantong, reflecting the nation's transportation system (transportation, railway, civil aviation, etc.) medical and health conditions of the integrated bi-monthly, large open version of sixteen. In addition to a basic medicine, clinical medicine, but also Piyou marine medicine, aviation medicine, railway medicine, diving medicine, transportation health and epidemic prevention, traffic occupational disease, frequent disease prevention and treatment of common diseases, hospital management, and other columns; publication for the National Open welcome to submit! publication focus on practical, scientific, advanced, rich content and innovative. Magazine is still running the issue, welcomed the medical schools, hospitals, intelligence and other units and individuals to subscribe. (Translated by machine.)