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ISSN 1672-6472 
Organizer: zhong ke yuan wei sheng wu yan jiu suo zhong guo jun wu xue hui  
Publisher: jun wu xi tong bian ji wei yuan hui  
Description: Magazine (formerly known as "fungi of"), founded in 1982, China is currently the only field of mycology class scientific journals; in more than thirty countries and regions worldwide distribution and exchange. This publication published study of fungi (including fungi, slime molds, egg fungus, lichens, etc.) research in the theory, practice, creative, high-level scientific research and the research paper, Research Letters, and so on. Main sections: taxonomy of fungi and fungi diversity in the system, resource development and utilization of fungi (edible medicinal fungi; industrial fungi), fungal ecology and biological control (a fungus, etc.); 4, the role of symbiotic fungi (endogenous fungi, mycorrhizal fungi, lichens, etc.), fungal toxins, pathogenic fungi (people, animals, plants), Fungi studies in the new methods, new techniques.  (Translated by machine.)