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Mine Surveying

ISSN 1001-358X 
Organizer: mei tan ke xue yan jiu zong yuan tang shan fen yuan  
Publisher: kuang shan ce liang bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine in July 1973 in an internal publication founded in 1980 by the former State Science and Technology Commission and approved by the Ministry of Coal Industry for the domestic and international public offering of a quarterly journal which tracks gradually on the right track. 1988, "Mine Surveying" magazine approved by the State Issues (CN13-1096/TD) and the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN1001-358X). Magazine has been awarded the National Chinese core journals, Hebei outstanding scientific journals, as well as Articles online and journals, full text of Chinese CAJ-CD included journals. "Mine Surveying," Journal of Mine Surveying is the only national professional journal, is also the world have a greater impact one of the four publications of mine surveying. (Translated by machine.)