Meitan Higher Education 2011 Issue 4 Research of the Relationship between Subjectivity Study to and Quality Cultivation of College Students --Based on a survey of students Specialty in Economics and Management
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Meitan Higher Education
2011 Issue 4
Study on Competence Model Construction of Administrative Staff of College Student
wei shu jing ; liu fang fang ; wei shu wei
Analysis of Causes on Suicide of College Students
zhang wei feng
Design and Development of Virtual Experiment on Motor and DraR-based Based on LabVIEW
han li ; fang rong hui ; deng xian ming
Thinking of College Enrollment Alliance Form
wang gen shun ; wang zuo
Meaning and Characteristics of Job Satisfaction of University Graduates
hou de wei ; yu ji bo ; li fang fei,125
zheng gao qi shi
Reflection on University Inquiry Learning
zhan wen du ; li wen zhang
Analysis on Reform of University Accounting System
meng shi ; zuo tian jiao ; liu yan
Analysis of the Loneliness and Freedom from Medieval University to Berlin University
zhang jia zi ; pang shou xing
Study of Adult Attachment, Sense of Security and Interpersonal Trust Relation of Students
wang lei ; zhao na ; han ren sheng
Course Orientation and Teaching Reform of "Production Planning and Control"
ren hai bing ; wang xiao lin ; li nai liang
Study on Tracking for Effect of Students Mental Health Education in Polytechnic Colleges
jing guo xun ; shao qiang ; pan zi yan