Meitan Higher Education 2012 Issue 3 Comparative Research of Action Leading Teaching Mode and Knowledge Imparting Teaching Mode
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Meitan Higher Education
2012 Issue 3
Construction of the Textbook Coal Geophysical Well-Logging Principle
dong shou hua ; xu hai fang ; huang zuo zuo ; xu yong zhong
Exploration of Practice Teaching Reform of "Mineral Processing Engineering"
ma li qiang ; huang bo ; wu cui ping
Thinking of Talent Training Mode of Environmental Science Engineering of Coal University
liu han hu ; bai xiang yu ; pei zong ping
Reflection on Higher Education Quality Assurance System
cao yun liang ; wang zuo
Restrictive Factors and Improvement Ideas on University Cooperative Innovation
tang qi cheng ; zhou ji liang
Domestic literature review on "Student Evaluation on Teaching"
ding san qing ; zheng yan fu
Empirical Investigation and Analysis of College Student's Belief Education Subject Initiative
li jun song ; zuo cui juan ; li jing