Meitan Higher Education 2014 Issue 3 Accuracy vs. Ambiguity: Thoughts on the Orientation of Colleges and Universities
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Meitan Higher Education
2014 Issue 3
Accuracy vs. Ambiguity: Thoughts on the Orientation of Colleges and Universities
GUO Biyu;Development and Planning Office of Nantong University;
xue shu xin xi
an ning ;
The Talents Cultivation and Resource Allocation of Higher Education in Local Comprehensive Universities
HOU Ai-rong;School of Educational Science;Liaocheng University;
The Decision-making Process of Strategy Transition in Universities ——Taking Yangzhou University for Example
ZHANG Jilong;School of Educational Science;Yangzhou University;
On the Equity of Higher Education in China Based on the Regional Distribution of 985 and 211 Universities
PENG Xian;CHEN Lizao;Institute of Education;Lanzhou University;
The Role of Government in the Development of Independent Colleges in the Perspective of New Public Service
YU Zhonghua;JIN Rui;Xuhai College;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Reform of Distinctive School-running Mode of Colleges in Ethnic Minority Areas
XIANG Qian;JIANG Chao;College of Politics and Laws;Sichuan University for Nationalities;
The Construction of Campus Security Management in US’Universities ——an Empirical Analysis of Cornell University
LI Wenyan;JIANG Hongchi;Higher Education Research Institute;Chinese University of Geosciences;
Outcome Assessment of Study Abroad: Inspirations from the Experience of American Universities
TAO Min;College of Economics and Management;Nanjing Xiaozhuang University;
The Origins and Comparisons of the Precursor of Three Medieval Universities
LI Zhaotuan;College of Educational Science;Nanjing Normal University;
Mao Zedong’Thoughts on Students’ Associations and Their Contemporary Value
HU Jidong;LU Kai;LIU Jing;WU Zhuoping;School of Politics and administration;Zhengzhou Normal University;Communist Youth League Committee;Dalian University of Technology;School of Electrical and Mechanical;Eastern Liaoning University;School of Humanities and Social Sciences;Dalian University of Technology;
The Teacher’s Role in Examination System Reform in Applied Colleges and Universities
FAN Bingliang;Institute of Economics and Management;Changshu Institute of Technology;
The Vocational Skills Training of GIS Teachers in Colleges and Universities
WANG Li;JING Haitao;School of Surveying & Land Information Engineering;Henan Polytechnic University;
The influences of ACTEQ on Its Teachers’ Professional Development in Hong Kong
SHI Yudan;ZHANG yan;School of Educational Science;South China Normal University;
The Pre-service Vocational Education Modes for the Secondary School Teachers in Taiwan ——Case Study of National Taiwan Normal University
HUANG Jin;School of Educational Science;South China Normal University;
The Characteristics of Professional Science Master Education in U.S.
ZHUANG Lijun;Center for Educational Research;Beijing Technology and Business University;
The Characteristics and Implications of Graduate Education in the Republic of Korea
SONG Dazhao;XU Feifei;School of Safety Engineering;China University of Mining and Technology;Xuzhou Tongxin Optoelectronics Technology Co.;Ltd.;
Characteristics of Master Graduate Education in Foreign University in World Heritage Studies
WANG Min;Department of History;Baoding University;
The Cultivation of Undergraduates Majoring in Mining Engineering under the New Developing Trend
LI Guichen;WEI Yinghao;WAN Zhijun;FAN Jun;School of Mines;China University of Mining and Technology;Key Laboratory of Deep Coal Resource Mining;Ministry of Education;
Exploration on the Education and Training Mechanism for Excellent Engineers Majoring in Mineral Processing Engineering ——Taking Xi’an University of Science and Technology for Example
LI Zhen;YANG Chao;School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering;Xi’an University of Science and Technology;Key Laboratory of Coal Resources Exploration and Comprehensive Utilization;Ministry of Land and Resources;
The Status Survey Analysis of Extracurricular Reading of Higher Vocational Technical College Students
WANG Qian;The International Communication Department;Hunan Mass Medial Vocational Technical College;
Ethical Analysis on Funding Subjects of Impoverished Students in Higher Vocational Colleges
ZHENG Rongwei;GAO Meijuan;Department of Ideological and Political Education;Jiangsu Maritime Institute;Foreign Language Department;Jiangsu Maritime Institute;
Effective Approaches on Optimizing Students’ Internship Modes in Hotel Management
CUI Hongtao;Higher Professional Technical Institute of Bohai University;
On Several Relations That Should Be Handled Well in the Enrollment Plan of Industry-Transferred University
ZHANG Zhenzhong;XI Jiami;Office of Admissions;Xi’an University of Science and Technology;
The Characteristics of College Students’ Job Hunting Behavior and the Employment Strategies
FAN Lisan;Youth League Committee;Shandong Institution of Business and Technology;
The Industrial Automation Teaching Model under the Idea of EIP-CDIO
Li Shoujun;Ma Xiaoping;Qiu Yizhen;Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Dept.;Suqian College;School of Information and Electrical Engineering;CUMT;
On the Design of the Interactive Links Based on Stress Test Feedback and Cognitive Style Survey ——with Engineering Economics Course in Mining Characteristic Universities as an Example
LI Xin;ZHOU Wei;XI Wenjia;JIN Xiaohong;WANG Lihua;School of Mining;China University of Mining and Technology;Faculty of Built Environment;University Of Malaya;