Meitan Higher Education 2014 Issue 4 Logic of the Academic Freedom Thought of John Dewey
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Meitan Higher Education
2014 Issue 4
Logic of the Academic Freedom Thought of John Dewey
LIU Zhigang;
Analysis of Pan Maoyuan’s Thoughts of Comparative Education
YANG Yingying;
TAO Xingzhi:the Pioneer of Education Entrepreneur
XU Zhenglin;
Reflections on Using Microblog to Enhance the Effect Of Ideological and Political Education
LIU Jing;,ZHONG Yongxiu;,ZHU Jingyuan;,XIE Binjian;
Selection of a Path for College Morality Education
ZHOU Rudong;
The Philosophy of Integration of Ming Subject and Chinese Traditional Culture:Taking the Directions of Mining Pressure as an Example
WANG Bin;,ZENG Zeming;,WANG Weijun;,ZHAO Fujun;,PENG Wenbin;,CHEN Ling;
The Developmental Approaches of Discipline Construction In Newly-founded Undergraduate Colleges
XU Jing-de;,ZHANG Li-cong;,ZHANG Ling;,GENG Dong-sen;
Exploration of the Safety Management and New Characteristics of An Experimental Teaching Center in the New Situation
XI zaifang;,WU xiaofeng;,ZHOU shaowu;,OU qingli;,WU lianghong;
Construction of a Multi-level Progressive Experimental Teaching Mode for Environmental Sciences
LEI Lingyan;,WANG Liping;,WANG Lizhang;,SHAN Aiqin;