Meitan Higher Education 2015 Issue 1 Re-research on the Relationship between the Research Authority and Administrative Authority in University Governance:From the Perspective of Conjugate Principle
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Meitan Higher Education
2015 Issue 1
Re-research on the Relationship between the Research Authority and Administrative Authority in University Governance:From the Perspective of Conjugate Principle
DING Sanqing;HU Rendong;Division of Development and Planning;China University of Mining and Technology;Division of Development and Planning;Xuzhou Normal University;
The Students’ Curriculum Power and Innovation of University Curriculum Management System
MA Tingqi;BAI Jie;School of Education;Wuhan University of Technology;
The Construction of Higher Education’s “Academic Credit Bank” in China
LI Xiaogeng;CAI Guochun;Institute of Education;Jiangsu Normal University;
The Problems and Countermeasures of Teaching and Research in Local Universities
ZENG Weihua;WANG Yunlan;School of Educational Science;Hunan Normal University;The Research Center of High Education;Jiangxi Normal University;
The Analysis of Higher Education Governance Mode under Pluralistic Tension
XUE Dan;School of Public Administration;University of Xiangtan;
Professors’ Academic Management:Rational Cognition and Ideal Pursuit
SUN Bo;School of Education;Huaibei Normal University;
Profundity and Comprehension:the Characteristics and Experience of Honors Education in American Higher Education Institutions
ZHUANG Lijun;Education Research Center;Beijing Technology and Business University;
Comparative Study on University Union in China and Community on Institutional Cooperation in the United States
QIAO Chan;FENG Lin;Department of Arts and Social Science;Dalian University of Technology;Innovative Experimental Department;Dalian University of Technology;
The Characteristics and Its Advantage of Educational Culture in the United States and Australia
LENG Shuwei;GAO Yongjun;Office of Shandong University of Technology;Jinan Campus;
The Construction of MOOC in Military Academies:Dilemma,Causes and Countermeasures
TAN Xiao;CAPF Border Commanding Academy;
Research on Teaching Design of the Digitization of University’s Public Optional Course
CHENG Zhibo;School of Marxism;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Influence of Universities Association Culture on Mental Health Education
XIAO Nan;LI Chunshan;College of Economic and Management;Dalian University;Division of Students Affairs;Dalian University;
gao deng jiao yu ping lun
an ning ;
The Dilemma and Strategy of Ideological Education Work of College Student in the We-Media Era
LIN Zheng;School of Arts and Design;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Loss of College Students’ Self Value:Analysis of the Sense of Vanity and Absurdity of Existence
CHEN Yahui;LIU Ningning;Research Institute of Educational Science;Zhejiang Normal University;
A Multidisciplinary Attribution of the Weakening of Teaching Influence in Universities
ZHANG Li;HE Yunfeng;School of Public Administration;Shanxi Agricultural University;
Research on the Living Situation of Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities
MENG Li;DU Huihui;President Office of China University of Mining and Technology;Division of Development and planning;China University of Miningend Technology;
Analysis on the Development of Faculty as Personnel Agency in Local University
CAI Huajian;Division of Teaching Affairs;Nanjing Xiaozhuang College;
The Correlative Relationship between Learning Adaptation and Stress of College Students:Hubei Normal College as an Example
LIU Lu;SHI Dongliang;Department of Educational Science;Hubei Normal College;Department of Mathematics and Statistics;Hubei Normal College;
An Analysis of Innovative Talents Cultivation in New-built Local Colleges
XIA Fei;GAO Yan;Department of Education;Suqian College;Division for Basic Courses Teaching;
Professional Qualification Authentication and the Construction of Experimental Teaching System of College Students in an Electronics and Information
LIU Jie;LU Ming;GONG Richao;Division of Teaching Affairs;Hunan Technology University;School of Information and Electricity Engineering;Hunan Technology University;
Research on the Teaching Mode Reform Strategy Based on Capacity Building
ZHANG Junwen;LI Yulin;SONG Zhiwei;CHEN haibo;DONG Changji;School of Mining Engineering;Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology;School of Architectural Engineering Management;Heilongjiang College of Architecture Technology;School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering;Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology;
Research on University Entrepreneurial Work-study Funding Pattern Based on “AGIL” Theory
ZHANG Mingju;LI Peiwu;Office of Party Committee and the President;Nanjing University of information Science and Technology;Department of Information and Control;Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology;
The Cultivation of Entrepreneurial Culture in Colleges and Universities under the New Media Environment
SONG Lina;CHEN Sihui;WANG Zhixian;School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering;Jiangsu University of Technology;
Re-research on the Construction of the Textbook “Coal Geological Exploration and Evaluation”
CAO Daiyong;WEI Yingchun;College of Geo-science and Surveying Engineering;China University of Mining & Technology;
The Application of Experiential Teaching in the Teaching of Psychology Class
CHEN Shimin;LI Hongjiao;LI Quancai;FAN Shaowei;School of Literature;Law and Politics;China University of Mining and Technology;Center of Mental Health and Education;China University of Mining and Technology;School of Arts and Design;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Selection and Operation For Practical Teaching of the Course “Outline of China’s Modern and Contemporary History”
WANG Yajuan;The Department of Social Sciences;Huanghe Science and Technology College;
Acculturation: Research on National Key University Attending Experience of Male College Students from Rural China
QIAO Junge;Institute of Education;Nanjing University;