Meitan Higher Education 2015 Issue 5 hui ying neng yuan ge ming tui jin gao xiao gai ge zhong guo mei tan jiao yu xie hui gao jiao fen hui 2015 nian nian hui zuo di shi qi jie xiao chang lun tan zong shu
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Meitan Higher Education
2015 Issue 5
Adapt to the Adjustment of Industrial Reconstruction by Optimizing Specialty Structure and Emphasizing Specialty Features—The Exploration of School-running Reformation of Xi’an University of Science and Technology
LI Shugang;WANG Guirong;Presidents’ Office;Xi ’an University of Science and Technology;Office of the Teaching Affairs;Xi ’an University of Science and Technology;
Predicament and Outlet of School Education Evaluation: Instrumental Values and Value-appraising Instrument
CHU Hongli;Faculty of Education;Beijing Normal University;
Considerationand Suggestion on the Classified Management of Universities—Taking Universities in Jiangsu Province as Examples
SHANGGUAN Jingzhi;Institute of Higher Education;Xuzhou Institute of Technology;
xue shu xin xi
an ning ;
The Dilemma and Development Strategy of New-Think Tank Construction in Military Academies
TAN Xiao;Teaching and research section of politics and law;CAPF Border Command ing Academy;
The Interpretation of the Thought “Education for the people”by Pestalozzi and TAO Xingzhi
SHEN Xin;ZHANG Yang;Institute of Higher Education;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Multiple Values of Internet Literature and the Ideological and Political Education of College Students
CHANG Junliang;LI Juming;School of Mines;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Plight and Countermeasures of the Aid-receiving Students’ Gratitude Education under the Funding System in Universities
LI Honghai;School of Marxism;China University of Mining and Technology;
On China Institutional Research in the Perspective of University Culture
MIAO Hongyan;Modern Educational Technology Centre;Nantaong University;
The Transformation Development of Local Higher Education Institutions under the Background of Comprehensive Reform
LIU Jingfei;Office of Teaching Affairs;Yancheng Teachers University;
The Reform Initiatives in Russian Higher Education under the Russia’s Talent Strategy
SUN Chunmei;XIAO Su;Institute for International and Comparative Education;Beijing Normal University;
The Difficulties and Outlet of University’s Humanity Education in “Micro-reading”Era
ZHANG Haitao;YANG Chen;College of Humanities;Xi’an Shiyou University;College of International Education;Xi’an Shiyou University;
The Reform and Devlopment of Higher Education Insitutes Based on the Idea of Negative List Management
DU Wenbo;ZHAO Baoquan;SONG Bing;the Chancellor’s Office;China University of Ming and Technology;
On the Construction of Middle-level Cadres Caring System in Colleges and Universities
LIU Guodong;ZHU Lei;Organization Department of the Party Committee;China University of Mining and Technology;
Effect ofthe NewBudget Lawon Budget Management of Colleges and Universities
ZHANG Bin;JIAN Peng;Division of Financial Assets;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Characteristics and Implications of Graduate Students Training Mechanism in the Developed Countries Based on the Promotion of Innovative Capability
XU Shirong;Institute of Higher Education;Zhejiang University of Technology;
Research on the Reform of Geological Specialty Construction in the Demand of Western Mining
WANG Guirong;Teaching Affairs Division;Xi’an University of Science and Technology;
NewPaths in the Cultivation of Topnotch Undergraduate Level:Based on the Students’ Participation in the High Impact Educational Practices
WANG Na;HUANG Yiwu;ZHOU Zhe;College of Education;Yangtze University;Institute of Higher Education;Yangtze University;School of Urban construction;Yangtze university;
Explorationof Teaching Reform of University Courses Bases on the Development of Western Curriculum
WANG Qi;ZHU Haiyan;Teaching Affairs Department;China University of Mining and Technology;School of Management;China University of Mining and Technology;School of Foreign Studies;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Practice and Thought on Critical Thinking Teaching
FENG Lin;QIAO Chan;ZHANG Wei;School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship;Dalian University of Technology;
Problems and Countermeasures of the Freshman Seminar in Research-oriented University
LU Kaicong;XIAO Hui;Department of Teaching Affairs;South China University of Technology;
Chinese Mainland Periodical Literature Analysis about Higher Education in Macao(1999—2014)
HUANG Falai;Institute of Education;Xiamen University;
The Application of Social Network Analysis in Personnel Recruitment
WANG Liming;HUANG Yongbao;Division of Human Resource;Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology;School of Management;China University of Mining and Technology;
chang chun teng lian meng jian jie
wu wen qi ;