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Modern Movie & TV Biweekly

ISSN 1003-0816 
Organizer: shan dong dian ying dian shi ju zhi zuo zhong xin shan dong dian shi tai  
Publisher: shi dai ying shi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication dedicated to introduce and promote the entertainment industry and popular entertainment idol cutting-edge fashion trends, from the young people concerned about the entertainment, leisure and other reflection of the star's work, Life. As rich, illustrated, beautifully printed, as the young groupies, video enthusiasts to create a song with the world of idols there. She based on the young people, concerned about the growth of both the young courier, idols confluence of entertainment magazines, but also the growth years of the mentor; unique entertainment magazine fashion compatible with the campus atmosphere, but also attracted many youth to join this happy family of all orientation to space. (Translated by machine.)