Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2005 Issue 6 Necessary Conditions of the α-Majority Rule in Group Decision-Making
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2005 Issue 6
An Optimization of Joint Preventive Maintenance for Multi-Component System
ZHAO Jian-hua;Zhao Jian-min;ZHAO Li-qin
The Ergodic Property of Output Time Series
GENG Xian-min
Simple and Convenient Method of Determining the Hierarchy Model
ZHU Lin;L(U) Ben-fu
A Three-Species Competitive System with Stage-Structure
Coupling Operation of Value System between Information Systems
WANG Xiao-xia;LI Xue-wei
SDA Model on Occupancy Change and Its Application
LI Jing-hua
Hierachical Analysis of Sustainable Development about Farm Labors
WU Yu-ying;He Xi-jun
Implementation of Partner Selection in Based on Grey Relational Grade Theory
LI Jun-ting;YANG Rui-juan;KANG Xiao-bing;DONG Ming-gao
The Suggestion for a New S-curve
ZHANG Wen-hua;ZHANG Xiang
Optimal Reliable Guaranteed Cost Control for Uncertain Linear Systems
WANG Fu-Zhong;YAO Bo
Interval MDEA and Its Solution
LI Wen-hua;GUO Jun-peng;WU Yu-hua
Sensitivity Analysis on Assigning Problem and Its Application
LU Zong-hua
The Numerical Simulating of Maize Blades Form
LIU Wei-hong;ZHANG Zheng;BI Wu-liang
General Bayes Diagnosis Method
LIU Wan-li;WANG Jin-Yan
Eestimation and Analysis about Regressive Model and Discharge of River
YAO Jian-wu;SONG De-ming
Kn,n Graph is Locally Optimally Reliable
HUANG Xu-yan
Robust Stabilization for Non-linear Discrete-time Switched Systems
FANG Jian-yin;MU Xiao-wu
A New Proof of the Classical Simpson Quadrature Formula
SHI Yan-xia;LIU Zheng
One-Order Sharp Focusing And Relative Brightness of B and C on Test Screen
CHEN Wu-shen;CHENG Jie
Research on the Model and Algorithm for Dual Assignment Problems
SUN Wan-hua;LIU Gang
The Management of the Costs of the Power Line Block
HUANG Guang-dong;LI Ping;SHI Chuan-bei;HUO Zhen-zhong;ZHAN Hao-kai
The Modeling and Analysis of Logistics Service Providers Alliances
YAN Xiu-xia;SUN Lin-yan;WANG Kan-chang
Appraisal and Analysis of City's Technical Innovation Ability
LI Ji-yong;ZHANG Yan-hong;REN Xiang-yang;LIU Li-Bo
The Model to Rapidly Forecast an Event by Using Figure-Counting Methods and It's Use
Xiang Hua;ZENG Zhao-fang;CAI Xiao-zhong
Performance Management Based on Factor Analysis
DU Qing-ling;GAO Wei-zhong;LIU Ying
The Application of Multifactorial Evaluation on Quality of Test Grade
CHEN Jun-liang;ZHANG Ya-wen
A General Formula for Black-Scholes Option Pricing
WEI Zheng-yuan
A Study of Stock Distribute Model
Tu Yu-qing;LIU Yu-can