Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2006 Issue 3 Optimal Lading Problem Under Fuzzy Environments
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2006 Issue 3
Optimal Lading Problem Under Fuzzy Environments
YUE Zhong-liang
A New Approach to the Problem of Simulation for Correlative Variables
AN Jin-bing;HE Dong-qi
Mathematical Analysis of the Hieratical Marriage
HE Wei;YANG Zhu-hui
q-ary 2-weights (n,2,ω1,ω2) Codes for Error Detection
WANG Kai-hong;DING Chuan
Optimizing the Fermentation Course of Tobacco Endophytic Bacteria Atp-oe
WANG Wan-neng;QUAN Xue-jun
Improved Milling Force/Moment Models and its Simulation Study for End-Milling Cutter
XIE Shun-qiang;ZHANG Lan-xia;YU Yue-qing;WANG Li-ping;LONG Yun-jia
A Government Regulation Model of Effluent Charge in a Duopoly Market
XIAO Jiang-wen;YAN Hao;ZHAO Yong;CHENG Zhi-yang
An Augmentation of the Vasicek Bond-Pricing Model
YANG Jing-san;LI Shi-yin
The Grey Optimal Control Model on Dynamic Input-Output
LIU Guo-zhi;WEN Dong-ri
The Multiple Objective Reliability Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithms
HE Guang-yu;LIU Xin-xue;WEI Xun-kai
An Optimized Method for Two-echelon Inventory System Based on Stochastic Lead Time
DAI Geng-xin;HOU Yun-zhang;YU Qing-dong
The Equivalence of Shadow Price and the Critical Property of Resources
LV Wen-hong;WU Qi-zong;YUAN Ji-xue
Market Competition and Assignment of Ownership within State-Owned Enterprises
BI Xue-yang;SUN Qing-wen;CHEN Jing-liang
A Touch to the Comprehensive Score Management
HAN Zhi-nong;LIN Feng;HAN Song-zhe
Dynamic Duopoly Pricing Model with Network Externalities
GUO Qiang
The Contrastive Calculation About the Quantity of the Emerging Oil from the Self-lubrication Ammunition Belt
LIU Jun-hong;XU Shi-meng;FU Su-li;MA Run-bo
A New Method of Content Mensuration of Paracetamol and Caffeinein Tablet of New Quick Acting Common Cold
WANG Ya-nan;ZHANG Hai-long;GAO Dong-hong
Analysis of Lottery Buyers
WANG Dong-lin;CHENG Xiao-hong
Discussion on the Application of a Pareto Solution to DEA
WU Wen-jiang
Nothing Yielding Fruit Trick on a Three-stage Matrix Game and Its Living Example
JIANG Dian-yu;ZHANG Sheng-kai
A Note on a Paper of A. Menezes and S. Vanstone
DENG Ying-pu
On the Non-commutativity of Fundamental Group
YIN Xian-jun
On the Equitable Adjacent Strong Edge Chromatic Number of Pn2 and Pnn-1
TIAN Shuang-liang;LI Jing-wen;ZHANG Zhong-fu
On the asymptotic properties of function S(x) and S* (x)
XU Zhe-feng
A Group Inequalities on the Trace of Matrices and Operators
ZHOU Qi-sheng
An Embedding Theorem for a Special Class of Inverse Semigroup
Peaked Wave Solutions of Degasperis-Procesi Equation
YU Li-qin;TIAN Li-xin
Cross Entropy-A Tool of Disambiguation for Computer Linguistics
SUO Juan-juan;LI Yan-cang
The Risk Measures Based on Seminorm
WEN Ping
A Note on the Applications of the Log-Sum Inequality in Information Theory
WANG Jin-ting;YIN Kai
Research on Central-Symmetric Paraunitary
LI Lin-shan;PENG Si-long;ZENG Qing-li;HOU Wen-yu
The Convergence Principle of Sequence xnm~rnm+p
NI Pei-gai
The Technique of Analysing Differential Equations
LI Hong;SUN Shao-rong;LIU Da-wei