Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2007 Issue 17 Applying of ANP on the Evaluation of Region Enterprise Technology Innovation
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2007 Issue 17
Applying of ANP on the Evaluation of Region Enterprise Technology Innovation
WEI Mo-mei;CHEN Yi-hua;DONG Yu-cheng
The Application of Fuzzy Attribute Hierarchical Model To Quality Assessment
WANG Qing-dong;HOU Hai-jun
The Application of CCA in the Company Liabilities Pricing
ZOU Jie-tao;YU Hai-bin;WU Run-heng;HAN Li-jie
Using Genetic Algorithm Sloving Shortest Path Problem
LIU Jian-qiang;XU Wen;LIU Fen-lin;DAI Feng
Relationship Between Fuzzy Error Decomposition Operation and Intension Negative Operation
XIONG Hai-ou;GUO Kai-zhong;SONG Jing
Stability of an SEIQ Epidemic Model with the Age of Latent and Isolation
WANG Shi-fei;ZOU Ding-yu;LI Xue-zhi
Multiobjective and Multidimensional Fuzzy Making Decision Based on Entropy
LI Xi-can;YANG Qing-hai;YUE Zhong-qing;YANG Qing-hui;SUN Gang
Qualitative Analysis of an Epidemic Model with Stage Structure
YANG Jian-ya;ZHANG Feng-qin;YANG You-she
An Algorithm of the Minimal Cost Spanning Tree about Communication Network
AN Jian-ye;YU Yi-liang;ZHU Jian-hua
Existence of Incomplte Self-orthogonal Latin Squares ISOLS(v;3,3)
LI Jing-jie;XU Yun-qing
Parametric Analysis of a Ratio-dependent Predator-prey System
LU Tie-jun;WANG Mei-juan;LIU Yan
An Improvement SQP Algorithm by Using Augmented Lagrangian Function
HU Yun-hong;REN Hua-ling
Robust Absolute Stability of Lurie Uncertain Indirect Control Systems
ZHENG Zhi-qiang;BAO Jun-dong
Stability and Reliability Analysis of a Repairable System
ZHU Xiao-jie;ZHANG Yu-feng;ZHOU Sheng-bin
On a Problem of F. Smarandache
GAO Jing;LIU Hua-ning
On Measures of Similarity between Rough Fuzzy Sets
WEI Ben-cheng;ZHANG Cheng-yi;DANG Ping-an
Leibniz 2-cocycle on the Lie Algebras of Differential Operators
TAO Yong-xiang
Stability of a Class of Nonlinear Separated Variables Neutral Type Systems
CUI Zhan-wei;SI Li-geng
The Characteristic of the Astroid Which is the Track for the Curvature Center of a Ellipse
DENG Xiao-hong;LIU Ya;PAN Han-jun
Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Teacher's Teaching Quality
ZHANG Fang;SU Yong-fu
The Average Error of the Gr(ü)nwald Interpolation in the Wiener Space
SUN Yu-feng;XU Gui-qiao
An Oscillation Theorem for a Class of the Second Order Nonlinear Difference Equation
SONG Xia;FAN Jin-mei;HUANG Li-guo