Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2008 Issue 12 Quality Judgment of Reusable Product
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2008 Issue 12
Quality Judgment of Reusable Product
LI Hong;BAI Ting;FENG Zhen
Sufficient Conditions for,λk-Optimal Graphs
LIN Shang-wei;WANG Shi-ying;LI Chun-fang
The Best Approximation Solution of Ⅲ-posed Linear Operator Equation in Banach Space
HUANG Yong-hui;Qu Shao-ping;WANG Yu-wen
h-Stability of Nonlinear Matrix Differential Systems
WANG Pei-guang;LIU Xiao-wei
A Strengthened Hardy-Hilbert Type Inequality
YAO Jin-bin;HE Le-ping
The Distribution of Zeros of Solutions of First-order Advanced Differential Equations
WU Hong-wu;XIE Sheng-li;XU Yuan-tong
The Dynamics of Predator-Prey Model with Impulsive and Time Daley
WANG Xin;XIONG Zuo-liang;LI Shun-yi
A Changing Index Self-adaptive Ant Algorithm
ZHOU Shu-jing;LI Hui-min
Wireless Networks-based Tower Crane Anti-Collision System
WEI Ouan-rui;HAN Jiu-qiang
FP-Growth Algorithm Based Covariance and Its Application in ERP
ZENG An-ping;HUANG Yong-ping;LI Guang-jun;YANG Wan-an;TANG Zi-li
The Analysis of Prepayment Influencing Factors for Chinese Mortgage-backed Securities
SHI Heng-yan;LIU Xi-bo;ZHOU Li-na;LIN Ze-bo
Optimal Control Analysis of Nonstationary Assets Develpmental Equation
JIA Mei-zhi;JIAO Hong-bing
Forecast Analysis for Beijing's Water Consumed Structure Changes
YUN Yi;ZOU Zhi-hong;WANG Hui-wen
Analysis of a Mathematical Model for Virus Propagation
LIU Jian-fang;LIU Qi-ming;LIU Li-hong
A New Approach to Prove the Theorem of Desargues by Perspective Correspondence
CAI Hui-ping;FENG Wen-li;ZHANG Hong-mei;NIE Cui-ping
Remarks on Stability of Nonlinear Difference Systems
ZHAO Xin-sheng
Asymptotic Property for a Linear Regression Model of Kernel Estimation
ZHOU Huan-qin;TIAN Zheng
The Repeated Homogeneous Balance Method and Its Applicatons
DING Shuang-shuang;SUN Wei-jun
The Stability and Approximate Solution of a Business Cycle Model
LI Wei;XU Wei;ZHAO Jun-feng
On Some Properties of r-Mean Convex Function
XI Bo-yan;BAO Tu-ya
The Number of Spanning Tree in Several Classes of Graths
ZUO Guang-ji
Oscillation for a Class of Food-Limited Population Model with Time Delay
REN Hong-shan;YU Yuan-hong
A Class SIS Epidemic Model with Delay and Vaccinated Age
WANG Xiao-yan;YANG Jun-yuan;ZHANG Feng-qin
Canonical Structure of Min-Max-Plus(F,G,H)Systems
CAI Ming-jian;CHEN Yong-rong;CHEN Wen-de
Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Second Order Nonlinear Difference Equation
ZHANG Quan-xin;YAN Ju-rang;WU Yan-shu