Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2008 Issue 13 Smoothing quasi-Newton Method for Nonsmooth Operator Equations in Banach Spaces
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2008 Issue 13
Smoothing quasi-Newton Method for Nonsmooth Operator Equations in Banach Spaces
SUN Li-bing;LIU Jing;SONG Wen
Existence of Set-valued Metric Generalized Inverses
ZHENG Wen-jing;FU Li;WANG Yu-wen
Singular Second Order Four-point Boundary Value Problem
MIAO Chun-mei;GE Wei-gao
A New Mixed Nonconforming Element for Stokes Problem
WANG Zhi-jun;CHEN Shao-chun
An Functional Equation and Its Real Solutions
LIU Miao-hua;ZHENG Ya-ni
Reversed Chrystal's Inequality
GU Chun;SHI Huan-nan
The Existence of Multiple Positive Solutions for High-order Systems of Boundary Value Problems
LIU Xiu-jun;JIANG Wei-hua;CHEN Jing;WANG Bin
Bayes Reliability Analysis of Electrical Appliances' Zero-failure Data
QU He-mei;GAO Feng-xin;DANG Ping-an
On a Inventory Model with Inter-substitution
LI Jin-kai
Theoretical Model of Life Insurance Policy Style Optimization
SHI Yu-feng;SONG Yu-hong
Mining the Data of the Equity Analysts' Recommendations
JIN Yi-wen;BAI Feng-shan
The Design of a Catastrophe Bond Connected with Earthquake
XUE Cheng-ming;LIU Xi-bo;DANG Rui-qun
A Study for Prediction of Quit Market Crisis for listed Companies
LI Ming-xiang;LI Zhi-xiang;ZHANG Jin-hua
Positive Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Singular BVPs
WANG Li-juan
Identification of the Accumulative Rate for Economic Evolution Equation
JIA Mei-zhi;JIAO Hong-bing
Improved Genetic Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem
FENG Quan-xi;LIU Cheng;JIA Zhen
Design of Neural Network Based on Experiment of Orthogonality
YAO Shang-feng
Construction of 3-Dimensional Symmetric Interpolation Wavelets
ZHU Feng-juan;HUANG Yong-dong;CHENG Zheng-xing
A Class of Food Chain System with Stage Structure
LI Shun-yi;XIONG Zuo-liang;GU Ren-guo
The Study on Mathematical Models of Population Growth in Huanggang City
SHAO Xiao-feng;ZHANG Ke-xin
Worst-case Ratio of Akk Algorithm for Problem Pm,ai‖Cmax
SHI Rui;ZHAO Chuan-li
The Robust Optimization of the Hub and Spoke Airline Network Design Based on Tabu Search
BAI Ming-guo;JIANG Tao;ZHU Jin-fu