Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2008 Issue 21 Supply Chain Coordination under Asymmetric Demand Information When Retailers Compete
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2008 Issue 21
Game Theory in Management of Safety Production
CHEN Li-min;CAI Hui-ping
The Pricing of General Exchange Options
LU Bao-qun;ZHANG Jian-feng
Research on Evaluation Method of Cost-Effectiveness of IHEs Based on Compound DEA Model
SHI Bao-shan;LI Gang;YUE Chao-yuan;ZHANG Gui-zhou
Competitive Decision Algorithm for Clustering Analysis
LIU Yong;Ning Ai-bing;XU Qiu-yan;MA Liang
Study on the Kuznets Curve of Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution in Guangxi
LIN Liang;ZANG Dong-ran;LIU Xing-zi
A Study on the Effects of RMB Exchange Rate on our Import and Export
WANG Lei;CAO Xian-bing
Simulation and Adjustment of system Dynamics on Sustainable Development in the Coal Cities
YAO Ping;SUN Lu;LIANG Jing-guo;CHEN Pei-you
Mathematical Model for Identifying Wells and Layers with Ineffective Injection-production for Heterogeneous Oilfield
YANG Jing;ZHANG Ji-cheng;SONG Kao-ping;XU Zhen-wu;YANG Qiu-rong;ZHANG Hong-bo
Study on Forecasting Model of Water Demand Based on the Principal Component Analysis
HU Cai-hong;WU Ze-ning;YIN Jun;LIU Di;HE Gang;JING Lei
The Chaos and Design for Generative Learning Systems
CHEN Yu-ting
The Cost Optimization Problem in Communication Systems Based on Queueing Theory
SHEN Yu-hong;CAO Ju;CHEN Xin-juan
A Globally Convergent Filter Interior-point Method for Positive Definite Quadratic Programming
WANG Yong-li;HE Guo-ping;WANG Xin
Study for Hybrid Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method Based on the Set Pair Analysis
YANG Chun-ling;ZHANG Chuan-fang
The Transportation Problems Based on Special Demands
BAI Guo-zhong
Grey Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on Relation Degree
ZHANG Xin-bo;LU Ying
A Combinatorial Characteristic of CS-matrices
XU Guang-hui
An New CRM Based on Perfection to the Risk Measure of Fishburn
WAN Shang-hai
An Inequality on Non-negative Matrix
HUANG Ke-weng
Ruin Probability in A Cox Risk Model of Multi-risk Perturbed by Diffusion
HUANG Yu-juan;WANG Yuan-jin;YU Wen-guang;LIU Jun-wei