Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2009 Issue 2 DEA Evaluation on the Decision Making Units with Indexes Taking Interval Number
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2009 Issue 2
Eco-efficiency Analysis with Imprecise Data
BIAN Yi-wen
Archival-based Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization and its Convergence Analysis
ZHANG Ya-bo;LIU Qing-huai;LUO Chang-tong
A Novel Method for Balancing Chemical Equation Based on Evolution Strategy
XIA Hui-ming;LIANG Hua;ZHOU Yong-quan
Variable Precision Bayesian Rough Set Model Based on Set Pair Analysis
ZHANG Hai-dong;SHU Lan
Trace Representation of GM W Sequences
WANG Quan-sheng;TIAN Jin-bing
Correlation Test for Mean-shift Model with AR(1) Errors
LIU Qing-xin;XIA Le-tian;WANG Jian-feng
Control of Variable Fishing Effort Harvest Model
CHEN Zheng;GAO Yan
A Qualitative Analysis of a class of Predator-prey System with Functional Response and Sparse Effect
FANG Cheng-hong;ZHOU Yong-zheng;FENG Jian-wen
Exponential Stability Analysis of A Parallel Repairable System With Two Non-Identical Unit
GUO Wei-hua;DANG Yan-xia;GAO Chao
Study on the Network Character of Relationship-type Virtual Community
FU Li-li;LV Ben-fu;WU Ying-ting;PENG Geng;LIU Fan;LIU Ying
On Shafer-Fink Type Inequality of Inverse Cosine
JIANG Wei-dong
Some Notes on Weierstrass Approximation Theorem
LIU Yang;LI Hong
A Matrix Analysis of Orthogonal Design
ZHOU Yu-zhu
Is "Free Lottery Draw" Possible?
WANG Jun-hong;ZHANG Hui-yuan
Hadamard Type Inequality of r-preinvex Functions
BI Yan-li
A Extension of Biparametric Additive Theorem of Conditional Erlang Distribution
WANG Zeng-fu;WANG Yu-jie;NIU Yan-ying
Partitioning the Multivariate Function Space Into Symmetrical Classes
CHEN Xue-ping;PAN Chang-yuan;ZHANG Ying-shan
A Note on the Characterization of Maximal Prefix Codes
On the Limit of a Kind of Nonlinear Recurrent Sequences
FAN Shou-fang
Convergence and Existence of Fixed Points of Set-valued Nonexpansive Mapping
LI Hong-yu;CHEN Ru-dong;LI Hong-zhi
Questioning the Angle Measure Evaluation Method in MADM
KONG Feng;LIU Hong-yan