Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2009 Issue 6 Research on Renormalization Group Solution of Complex Systems Evolutional Equation
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2009 Issue 6
The Frontier Analysis Method in National Power Estimation
SUN Yi-zhou;DENG Shu-hua
Measurement of Organizational Culture Based on Factor Analysis
GAO Wei-zhong;DU Qing-ling;BA Lian-liang
The Application of Markov Chain to Predict the Success Rate of Technological Innovation
SONG Dong-lin;XIE Jing;XUE Wen-xia
A Game Study of the First-price Sealed-bid Procurement Auction
GOU Hui-rong;LI Chuang-zhao;CHEN Wei-gang
Entropy-based Evaluation on International Competitive Advantage of China Coal Trade
LI Jin-ke;SONG Hua-ling;GENG Dian-ming
Catastrophic Model of TTCR
ZHENG Wen;HE Ming-sheng;ZHENG Shi
Research on Game Model and Moral Hazard of Teamwork
HUANG Guo-hua;ZHOU Yun
Multiple Linear Regression Model of the Real Estate Market in China
QIN Ying-xia;XI Jin-ping;WU Run-heng
Improvement of Multivariable Grey Prediction Formula
XIAO Yan-cai;CHEN Xiu-hai
Analysis on Farming Risk and Regional Difference in China
NIE Rong;ZHAO Xiao-wei
Weighted Projected Compromise Method for Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making
PENG Zhan-sheng;LI Rong-jun
A Combinatorial Problem for Method of Paired Comparison
YANG Yi-min;HUANG Sen;GUO Da-xin;YANG Yan-ling
Application and the Properties of Derivative
Cayley Graphs of Small Valencies of Semi-dihedral Graphs
YAO Jun-hong;WANG Xin-zhong;WANG Chang-qun
On Empirical Bayes Estimation of Variance Components in Unbalanced Random Effects Models
SHI Jian-hong;ZHANG Chang-qing
Complete Convergence for Arrays of Rowwise Independemt Random Variables
SHI Ming-hua;ZHAO Jian-zhong;YUAN Guo-jun
A New Method for Zero-one Quadratic Programming
YONG Long-quan
The Chromatically Equivalent Depiction of nUt=4Dt
YE Cheng-fu
The Application of the Block-Cayley-Hamilton Theorem
SUN Jie;WANG Guo-rong
Persistence of a HIV model with Bridge-people
ZHUANG Xu-qin;ZHANG Jian-guo;HAN Li-tao;DOU Ze-sheng
Design and Simulation of the System for Intelligent Intrusion Detection
ZHANG Hai-chun;LI Yuan;ZHANG Zi-li
A New Hybrid Ant Colony Algorithm
LIU Bo;LI Hui-guang;WU Ti-hua;ZHANG Xiao-guang
The Evaluation Principle and Method with "Technology Value Added"
JU Jian-guo;TANG Wan-jin
Mathematical Analysis for Shot Throwing
LIU Fa-gui;NIE Da-yong