Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2010 Issue 20 Study and Practice on an AHP-based Synthetical Evaluation Method to Appraising the Graduation Thesis
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2010 Issue 20
A Trust-region Method for Nonlinear Optimization with Equations Constrained
XIA Hong-wei;CHEN Rong-jun
Shipping Strategies Problem in a three-echelon Logistics System
LI Li-ying;WANG Yong;YANG Jin
Study of Surface Topography of Ni-Co Coating by Brush Plating Analysis Based on the Fractal Dimension
HE Guo-liang;DONG Yu-cai;SHI Hong-tao;WANG Xiao-he;HU Zhen-Feng;Yang Guochang
The Orlicz-Pettis Theorem in Abstract Duality Pair
GU Juan;LIU Zhao-sheng;ZHOU Yong-fang;XU Xiu-yan
An Advanced Delphi Method of Resolving a Kind of Group Decision Making
YUAN Ji-xue;WANG Wei-jin
Test of Constraint Equation in Column Effect of Unsaturated Orthogonal Arrays
MA Hai-nan;PAN Chang-yuan;ZHANG Ying-shan
A Model of Location Choice:Cournot Competition and Spatial Agglomeration
ZHOU Ming;ZHANG Kun;LI Zong-zhi
Type-2 Fuzzy Similarity Measures in The Application of Ecosystem
LI Yi-min;WANG Xiao-mei
The Dual Derived Sets with Its Application
WU Hong-bo;WANG Zhao-hai
A Contracted Graph Family Used to Find the Edge-Number of the Spanning Eulerian Subgraph
LI Xiao-min;LI Deng-xin;LEI Lan
The Model of KDD Based on MCLP in Project Management
CHENG Tie-xin;WANG Hong-qin
Quantitative Model of Performance Evaluation Based on four Dimensions and Fuzzy Classification
HE Jian-long;SHI Zhong-ke;ZHENG Mu-cong
Determinacy Transformation of Vague Value and Its Application Based on Dea Method
HAN Xiao-lei;ZHANG Qun;ZHANG Chao;LI Qun-xia
The Strategy of Risk-minimizing Hedging under Inner Additional Information
YANG Jian-qi;XIAO Qing-xian
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Unit-Ponent Matrices
TANG Jian-guo;YAN Qing-yun
A New Standard of Consistent for Comparison Matrix in the AHP
CHEN Jian-xin;LUO Wei-qi;PANG Su-lin
Stability Analysis for a Partially Repairable Parallel System with Two Identical Units
YANG Ming-jun;ZHANG Ling-ling;TAO You-de;GUO Li-na
The Isometric Group about Normal and the Skewed Distribution
JIA Zhen-sheng;LUO Yong-ju;XU Wen-quan
Three Results of the Adjacent Vertex-Distinguishing E-Total Coloring on the Multiple Join Graphs of Circle
WANG Zhi-wen;ZHANG Wei;LI Mu-chun;ZHANG Zhong-fu
Model of Single-Species Population under Contraceptive Control with Harvesting Rate
WANG Lian-hua;LIU Han-wu;ZHANG Feng-qin
A Generation Change Model of Two Pairs of Heterogenes in Linkage
HUANG Xue-yan;LI Da-lin;CHEN Qi
A Partition of Graphs with Independent Cycles
LI Shuo;SUN De-rong;ZOU Qing-song;LI Feng
Mathematical Equations for Gastric Lavage with Porous Stomach-tube
SUN Xun;ZHANG Ren-jie