Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2010 Issue 7 Location Problems of Selecting Main Line Networks
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2010 Issue 7
Location Problems of Selecting Main Line Networks
WANG Fu-chang;CAO hui-rong;ZHANG Li-juan
The Application of Fuzzing Mathematics on Test of Peak Power of Pulse Laser
RONG Xiao-jian;WANG Cheng-yang;ZHAO Xiao-qing;HANG Bin
Traders\' Behavioural Propensities and Stock Market Dynamic Regimes
LIN Hong-xi;LI Hong-gang;YU Tong-kui
Research on the Decision-Making Approach in Technological Innovation Investment
MA Bao-long;RAN Lun;LI Jin-lin
The Application Research,Popularization and Generalization of Extenics
CAI Wen;YANG Chun-yan
Application of Interval-valued Fuzzy linear Programming to the Optimization of the Stock Portfolio Investment
FEI Zhong-hua;CHEN You-xing;JIANG Zhong-yi;XU Hui
Another New Method of Multi-criteria Comprehensive Evaluation
ZHANG Hui-ying;ZHANG Yan
Testing Consistency of Judgment Matrices in AHP with Method
CAI Hai-ou;ZHANG Ruo-xin
Study on the Intermediate Value Point in Lagrange\'s Form of the Remainder for the Taylor"Formula
WANG Jin-hua;SUN Lan-xiang;ZHU Jiang-hong
Some Stochastic Properties in Devaney\'s Chaos
A Application Study of Cev Model on Risk Sensitive Control
HU Shi-pei;ZENG Li-hua
Numeric Simulation of A Discrete Forest Insect Pests Model
HU Li-li;WANG Ding-jiang
Global Analysis of Discrete SEIR Model with Latent Period
ZHOU Ling-li;SUN Guang-hui;LI Ai-qin
Adjacent Vertex-distinguishing E-total Coloring on the Multiple Join Graph of Wheel and Star
ZHANG Wei;LI Mu-chun;ZHANG Zhong-fu
Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Resource Constraints
ZHANG Xin-gong;YAN Guang-le
A SI Epidemic Model with Stage Structure and Nonlinear Infection Rate
ZHANG Ya-jing;ZHANG Feng-qin;FENG Xiao-mei
GMW-sequences Multinomial Relativity
QI Chuan-da;CHEN Xin
Taylor\'s Formula and Chain Rules On Time Scales
ZHAN Zai-dong;WEI Wei
Dynamics Analysis of The Model for The Immunity in HCV
LIU Chang;WANG Wan-xiong;AN Xin-lei