Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2012 Issue 21 Counting of Adjoint Equivalence Graphs of 2K-Series Integers Reset
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2012 Issue 21
Counting of Adjoint Equivalence Graphs of 2K-Series Integers Reset
WANG Qing-ning
Price Discrimination Method Based on Two-parts Tariff
PENG Yun-fei
The Expansion of the Kernels for Fast Multipole BEM Based on 3D Elastic Problems
WANG Wei-wei;XU Yong-chun;LI Jiao
Having Been Trying Hard? The Validity of Unobserved Actions of Open-End Fund Managers in China
ZHU Hong-zhi;MA Xiao-wei;ZHU Hong-quan
Research on Inventory Financing Price Change MRS-GARCH Model
WANG Bei-bei;LI Jin-lin;ZOU Qing-zhong;RAN Lun
zheng gao jian ze
The Order Scheduling Model of Multi-Item Flexible Job-shop Based on Genetic Algorithm
GAO Li;XU Ke-lin;Yang Na-na
Construction of Multiplicative Magic Squares of Order Three
XU Mei-ping;YU Jian;LI Yu-mei
Algorithms for Obtaining The Transitive Opening of Fuzzy Similarity Relation
DENG Guan-nan;JIANG Yan-li
Research on Credit Evaluation Model Design and Simulation of Weapon Equipment Suppliers
ZHANG Rong;CHEN Yun-xiang;LI Da-wei
The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Penrose—inverses of the Matrix[A,B]
HE Chu-ning;OU-Yang Bai-yu
AHP and Grey Comprehensive Evaluation for New Driver Training Assessment
WU Bing-jian;CHU Bin-bin;ZHANG Zheng
Classification of Difficult Recoverable Reserves Based on FCM and BP Neural Network
LI De-fu;WENG Ke-rui;YANG Juan;ZHU Ke-jun;LI Zhi;CAO Hong
Multiplicity and Bifurcation of Largely Deformed Elastic Half Rings
WEN Qiu-li;YIN Xian-jun
Bifurcations and Some Bounded Traveling Wave Solutions of Boussinesq-burgers Equation
JIANG Bo;LU Yi;ZHANG Jian-hao;HAN Xiu-jing;BI Qin-sheng
The Application of Logistic Regression Model to Medicine
DONG Yong-quan;XU Fu-xia
A.Cutting Plane Algorithm for Solving Linear Bilevel Programs
LV Yi-bing;WAN Zhong-ping
On the Issues of Relative Compactness Property
ZHANG Hong-Gang
The Outstanding Claims Reserve by Queueing System with Limited Server
LIU Yan;ZAI Guang-jun
The Robust Optimal Consensus of Uncertain Second-order Multi-agent Systems
ZHOU Yan-jie;CAO Xian-bing;MO Li-po