Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2014 Issue 10 The Research on the China’s Housing Problem with BP Model to Distinguish Between the Poor Family
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2014 Issue 10
The Research on the China’s Housing Problem with BP Model to Distinguish Between the Poor Family
LIAO Bao-chao;WANG Xiao-hui;ZHANG Kui;CHEN Ting-ru;ZHANG Jian-xun;Modern Educational Technology Center;Yantai Nanshan University;Department of Fisheries;Ocean University of China;Faculty of Science;Ningbo University;
The Comprehensive Evaluation of Teaching Based on Entropy Weight and Dominance Relation
WANG Li-dong;TIAN Xiao-juan;YANG Yan-bing;Department of Mathematics;Dalian Maritime University;
Analyze on Gray Comprehensive Association of Citation Indicators of Organic Materials Tech Journals
DENG Yi-xing;DENG Mei-lan;SUN Guo-liang;Xi’an University of Technology;Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute;
The Annotation of Sorter Events Approach Prototype and Application in the Accounting Information System Design
ZHANG Chao;LI Gang;School of Software;Jiangxi University of Science and Technology;Economic Management College;Taiyuan University of Technology;
Research on Decision of Monopoly Enterprise Implementing the Quality Traceability System:Based on the uncertainty of the consumers’ awareness for the product quality risk
FEI Wei;Mathematics and Quantitative Economics;Dongbei University of Finance& Economics;Center of Econometric Analysis and Forecasting;Dongbei University of Finance & Economics;
Lead Users Identification Method Based on Modified PROMETHEE
LI Nan;School of Management Science and Engineering;Dongbei University of Finance and Economics;
Construction of MRS Copula Model for Credit Risk Correlation Evaluation and an Empirical Study of China’s Stock Market
LUO Chang-qing;OUYANG Zi-sheng;XIA Jia-lu;Finance School;Hunan University of Commerce;College of Business Administration;Hunan University;
The Integration Model Construction and Serial Tests of Physical Activity in Urban Resident
GUO Xin-yan;LI Ning;Economy and Management Default;In Chengdu Sport University;Business School of Sichuan University;Institute of Spots Medicine and Health;Chengdu Sport University;
Research Based on Fitting the Left Truncated G-H Distribution to Ship Oil Spill Data
TIAN Rong-jie;CHENG Jin-xiang;HU Yu-sheng;LI Jin-lin;Transport Planning and Research Institute;Ministry of Transport;Beijing Institute of Technology;School of Management and Economics;
Comparative Analysis of Rural Information Service Technology Adoption Behavior by Farmers with Different Endowment
WEN Ji-wen;SUN Huan-lei;School of Economics and Management;Beijing Forestry University;
The Evaluation on Environment Quality of Residents’ Living of Beijing
WANG Hui-juan;DAI Yuan-yuan;QU Shuang-shi;School of Statistics and Mathematics;The Central University of Finance and Economics;School of Finance;Renmin University of China;
The AHP-fuzzy Method for an Integrated Emergency Drills Assessment in Industrial Production
LUAN Guo-hua;PEI Yu-qi;WU Dong-ping;WEI Bao-ying;LIU Ren-long;QI Zhi;HU Guo-lin;CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology;School of Mechanical & Transportation Engineering;China University of Petroleum;School of Chemical Engineering;China University of Petroleum;
Conditional VaR Based on Two-Dimensional t Distribution
YANG Gui-jun;XIAO Chun-lai;CHANG Jing-hong;North China University of Technology;Zhangjiakou University;
Analysis on the Impact of Monetary Policy on Real Estate Prices Asymmetry-Based on the LSTVAR Model
XIAO Qiang;SI Ying-hua;Institute of Quantitative Economics at Gansu;Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics;
Research on "Company farmer" Contract Farming Supply Chain Decision Model with the Farmer’ s Price Reference
ZHENG Yin-fen;YE Fei;CHEN Ying;School of Business Administration;South China University of Technology;
Group Audits,Audit Risk,and Component Materiality
YUAN Yang;HOU Qiao-ling;XU Guo-yi;Management School;Fudan University;Business School;Central South University of Forestry Technology;School of Accounting;Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management;
Empirical Analysis on Determinants for China’s Overseas Oil Investment-based on Heckman Two-Stage Model
WANG Hong-yan;HUO Guo-qing;PAN Yan-ni;College of Technology Management;University of Chinese Academy of Science;School of Business Administration;China University of Petroleum;Academy of Chinese Energy Strategy;China University of Petroleum;
Analyzing the Style of Funds with Time Varying Copula Model
WANG Hui-hui;HE Xiao-qun;China Center for Industry Security Research;Beijing Jiaotong University;Center for Applied Statistics;Xijing University;Center for Applied Statistics;Renmin University of China;
Analysis of Seismic Velocity Model Controlled by Seismic Reflection Layers Based on the Discrete Velocity
LIU Shu-fen;WANG Li-jing;LEI Jiang-ping;SU Dan;ZHANG Dong-jie;Northeast Petroleum University;Exploration and Development Research Institute of Daqing Oilfield Co LTD;Zichang Oil Production Plant of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Co LTD;Haila’er Petroleum Exploration and Development Administration;
The Applied Research of Static Ice Pressure Based on Fiber Bragg Grating Measuring
ZHOU Yang;QIN Jian-min;LI Guan-yang;PENG Jin;Key Laboratory of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System;Taiyuan University of Technology;Ministry of Education;Department of Mechanical Engineering;Chongqinshi Jiangnan Vocational School;
The Calculating Method of Equiprobable Discrete Memoryless Source of the Rate-Distortion Functions
YOU Xue-xiao;ZHAO Da-fang;College of Mathematics and Statistics;Hubei Normal University;
The Counting of Trees
WANG Yan-hui;FANG Teng;Department of Information Engineering;Guilin College of Aerospace Technology;School of Mathematical Sciences;Peking University;
Modified Landweber Iteration Regularization Method Based on Aitken Acceleration
YU Rui-yan;Department of Freshman Education;Yangtze University;
Research on Roughness of Rock Fracture Surfaces Based on Fractal Method
PAN Xue-zai;ZOU LA-ying;FENG Zhi-gang;DAI Guo-xing;LIU Hong-guang;Faculty of Science;Jiangsu University;School of Mathematics of Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College;Department of Basic Courses;Jiangxi Vocational College of Fiance and Economics;State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining;China University of Mining & Technology;Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics;Jiangsa University;
A List of 108 Mixed Orthogonal Arrays by Computer Search
WANG Yu-guang;LI Ya-nan;GUO Xue-bin;School of Mathematics and Computer Science;Ningxia University;Wanfang Institute of Science and Technology;Henan Polytechnic University;School of Mathematics and Information Science;Henan Normal University;
An Optimum Scheme Selection Method for Oil Pipeline Route Based on Cumulative Prospect Theory
WEI Zhen-feng;GONG Cheng-zhu;ZHU Ke-jun;School of Economics and Management;China University of Geosciences;Planning Department;North China Branch of Sinopec;
A Model Based on Song Jian Discrete Population evolution equations applied in Population Forecast and Analysis of Heilongjiang Province
WANG Qiu-ying;WANG Fu-lin;JIANG Dan;XUAN Deng-ying;College of Engineering;Northeast Agricultural University;
Multiple Coverage Model and Location Optimizing for pm2.5 Monitoring Stations
FU Li-fang;XU Shi-yang;AO Chang-lin;WEI Wei;College of Science;Northeast Agricultural University;
On a Hilbert-Type Inequality with Multi-Parameters and Composite Variables
LIU Qiong;LIU Ying-di;Department of science and information;Shaoyang University;School of Finance;Hunan University of Commerce;
Circuit Modular Pair and Characterizations of Binary Matroids
L Guo-liang;YU Bao-min;Department of Mathematics and Information Science;Weinan Nomal University;
The rank of semigroup of all Orientation-Preserving Transformations in E Classes for I_E*(X)
LONG Wei-feng;YOU Tai-jie;School of Mathematical and Computer Science;Guizhou Normal University;
The Asymptotic Stability of the Solution to the Singular Transport Equations In Slab Geometry
YUAN Deng-bin;CHENG Guo-fei;WANG Sheng-hua;College of Mathematics and Computer Science;Shangrao Normal University;
Numerical Integration based on Thiele Type Continued Fractions
QIAN Jiang;WU Yun-biao;College of Sciences;State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering;Hohai University;Basic Research Department;Hohai University Wentian College;
Bounds for the Perron Root of Irreducible Nonnegative Matrices
LIAO Ping;Sichuan Vocational and Technical College;
Borel Subalgebras of Hamilton Lie Superalgebras
ZHANG Jia-yu;LIU Wen-de;School of Mathematical Sciences;Harbin Normal University;
Existence of Nonoscillatory Solutions for Higher-Order Nonlinear Neutral Differential Equations with Distributed Deviating Arguments
LIU You-jun;ZHAO Huan-huan;YAN Ju-rang;College of Mathematics and Computer Sciences;Datong University;School of Mathematical Sciences;Shanxi University;
Oscillatory Behavior of Solutions to Higher Order Variable Coefficient Functional Equations
DAI Li-na;WU Ying-zhu;LIN Quan-wen;Department of Mathematics;School of Science;Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology;
A Kind of Singular Boundary Value Problem for Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equation
SHI Piao-piao;WANG Wen-xia;School of Mathematics;Jinzhong Institute;Department of Mathematics;Taiyuan Teachers College;
Existence of Positive Solutions for Boundary Value Problem of a Third-order Dynamic Equation on Time Scales
ZHANG Bo;Yanshan University Liren College;
Numerical Solutions of System of Second-order Boundary Value Problems Using Variational Iteration Method
JIANG Zhao-min;HUANG Jin-cheng;CAO Yi;GU Xiao-hua;School of Mathematics and Physics;Jiangsu University of Technology;Department of Mathematics and Physics;Hohai University Changzhou Campus;
A Statement about Finite Element Methods of Eigenvalue Problems
LI Qin;School of Science;Beijing Technology and Business University;
A Spreading Model of HFMD With Pulse Vaccination
LI Chun;College of Mathematics and Information Science;Zhengzhou University of Light Industry;