Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2014 Issue 7 Government Subsidy and the Pattern of Cooperation Innovation when Firms’ R&D Capabilities are Complementary
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2014 Issue 7
Government Subsidy and the Pattern of Cooperation Innovation when Firms’ R&D Capabilities are Complementary
KE Zhong-yi;PAN Qing-nian;PENG Gang;Mathmatical Department;Huizhou University;Computer Department;Huizhou University;
The Scientific Determination of An indicant to Evaluate Graduate Re-examination in Military Academies
GU Li-juan;YIN Fu-mei;SUN Hui-jing;ZHAO Wen-fei;Institute of Systems Science and Mathematic;Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University;
The Design and Implementation of the Endowment Insurance Funds Monitoring and Early Warning System
WANG Zhu;FANG Bin;Beijing Institute of Information and Control;School of Computer Science;Wuyi University;
Study on the Multi-attribute Decision Method of Grey Target Based on the Theory of Set-valued Statistics
ZHENG Han-dong;WANG Xiao-jia;YANG Chang-hui;LIU Hui-zhou;School of Management;Hefei University of Technology;Tongling Power Supply Company;Anhui Electric Power Corporation;
A Weighted Support Vector Machine and Its Application in Reservoir Recognition
LI Jin-ling;LI Ya-nan;GUO Hai-xiang;HU Jing-lu;School of Economics and Management;China University of Geosciences;Jiang cheng College;China Unirersity of Geoscieces;Key Laboratory of Tectonics and Petroleum Resources;China University of Geosciences;Ministry of Education;Graduate School of Information;Production and Systems;Waseda University;
Developing Inventory-transportation Model for Emergency Logistics
QIN Jun-chang;WANG Yuan;ZHU Zheng-wei;School of Business & Management;Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology;School of Public Policy and Management;Xi’an Jiaotong University;School of Management;Xi’an Polytechnic University;
Establishment and Evaluation on the Internal Management System of Pawn Company Based on AHP
YAO Qian;WANG Wei-cai;School of Dongling Economics & Management;University of Science and Technology Beijing;School of Finance and Economics;Qinghai University;
Generalized Chain Network DEA Method Based on C~2R Model
Jirimutu;YUAN Yuan;MA Sheng-yun;MA Zhan-xin;Vocational and Technical College;Inner Mongolia Agricultural University;School of Mathematics Science;Inner Mongolia agricultural University;School of Economics and Management;Inner Mongolia University;
Research on the Timing of investment of Digital Preservation Project Based on Grow Option
LI Hai-yang;ZANG Zhen-chun;ZHAI Yu-bing;CUI Chun-sheng;Deportment of Mathematics and Information Science;Henan University of Economics and Law;
Grey Combination Forecast Model for Corrosion Rate of Pipelines Based on the Least Squares Support Vector Machine
WANG Xiao-guang;ZHANG Tao;ZHOU Hui;School of Science;Shenyang Ligong University;Planning Department;Petrochina Jinzhou Petrochemical Company;
Analysis of Fault in Nuclear Power System by Improved Genetic Algorithm and Probability Causal Model
ZHAO Xin-wen;REN Xin;Nuclear Science and Engineering Department;Naval University of Engineering;Naval Medical Research Institute;
Reliability Modeling and Application of Wind Farms
ZHAO Wei-xiang;LU Zhan-hui;LI Geng-yin;ZHOU Ming;School of Mathematics and Physical;North China Electric Power University;School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering;North China Electric Power University;
The Lower Bound of Constant Dimension Codes in Finite Fields
ZHANG Xiao-han;ZHAO Meng;Department of Basic Courses;Hengshui College of Vocational Technology;Mathematics and Information Science College;Hebei Normal University;
Analysis and Improvement of an Identity-Based Proxy Signature from Lattices
LU Xiu-hua;CHEN Li-yan;ZHU Hong-xia;Faculty of Mathmatics and Information Science;Langfang Teachers University;Anyang College for Preschool Education;
Research of Handwritten Number Recognition Method Based on Neural Network Algorithm
WANG Xiao-juan;BAI Yan-ping;North University of China;
Research of Monitoring System for Persons with Limited Range of Activities Based on IOT
AN Zhi-chao;XU Ya-bin;School of Computer;Beijing Information Science & Technology University;Beijing Key Laboratory of Internet Culture and Digital Dissemination Research;Beijing Information Science& Technology University;
M~x/M/1/Nqueue with Balking,Reneging and Single Working Vacations
ZHOU Zong-hao;GU Qing-feng;YU Jun;ZHU Yi-juan;School of Mathematics and Statistics;Huang Shan University;Faculty of Science;Zhejiang A& F University;Faculty of Science;Jiangsu University;
Analysis of Genetic Weapons,Threat and Destruction Model
PENG Xiao-long;GUO Wei-bo;Guo Xiang;ZHAO Shu-dong;WANG Hong-wu;LIU Jie;WEI Shuai;SU Qing-yong;YU Lei;Economics and Management College of Beijing University of Technology;College of Basic Education Commanding Officers of Information Engineering University;Comprehensive Planning Department of General Armament Department;The 71320 Forces;Headquarters of Shandong Province Military Region;The 71315 Forces;
Research on the Application of Set-pair Analysis Method in Evaluating and Optimizing of the Scheme for Predicting Army Ammunition Consumption in Joint-fire Attacks
ZHAO Zhi-ning;MI Dong;SHI Quan;TANG Jian;FENG Xin-hua;LIU Han;YUAN Qing-hai;BAI Wen-rui;Ordance Engineering College of PLA;Artillery Training Base of the General Staff;Bethune Medical;NCO College of PLA;Nanjing Artillery Academy of PLA;Chemical Defense Institute of PLA;
Analysis on Food Production Technology Progression and Impact Mechanism in China
CHEN Fei;School of Mathematics and Quantitative Economics;Center for Econometric Analysis and Forecasting;Dongbei University of Finance and Economics;
Relationship of Resistance Changing Rate and Noise in Instrumentation Amplifier
SUN Xun;SUN Lin-de;School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering;Shanghai Institute of Technology;Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College;University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;
Empirical Likelihood Inference for Error-prone Covariates in Poisson Regression Models
LIU Chang-qing;Department Mathematics;Computer & Information Engneering;Baise University;
Two Types of Failure Units Paralleled Repairable System with a Replaceable Facility and Delay Repair
JIANG Ying;TANG Ying-hui;School of Mathematics & Software Science;Sichuan Normal University;School of Mathematics and Physics;Southwest University of Science and Technology;
Exponential Stability of Stochastic Fuzzy Age-structured Population System with Diffusion
SHEN Fang-fang;ZHANG Qi-min;YANG Hong-fu;LI Xi-ning;School of Mathematics and Information Science;North University for Nationalities;School Mathematics and Computer;Ningxia University;
Survey:Free Riding in P2P Network
LIU Jian-sheng;LUO Dan;YUE Guang-xue;LI Ming-ming;LU Chun-long;School of Science;Jiangxi University of Science and Technology;College of Information Engineering;Jiaxing University;College of Petroleum Engineering;Changzhou University;
Resource Monitoring for Cloud Computing Environment
LI Jun;LIU Yun-chang;Department of Computer Science and Technology;Nanjing University of Science and Technology;10094;China;College of Mathematics and Computer Science;Xinyang Vocational and Technical College;Department of Computer Science and Technology;Wuhan University of Technology;
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Left h-ideals of Hemirings
LI Hong-jie;CHENG Ta;HUANG Xiao-kun;Mathematics Department of Zhoukou Normal University;Department of Public Education;Yanjing Vocational College of Langfang;College of Mathematics of Honghe University;
The Second Geometric-Arithmetic Index of the Starlike Tree with k-component
ZHAN Fu-qin;QIAO You-fu;Department of Mathematics;Hechi University;
The Self-Adjointness of two Classes of 4Th-Order Differential Operators Product
YU Lin;WANG Wan-yi;College of Mathematics Science;Inner Mongolia Normal University;Baotou Medical College;
Complete Moment Convergence of Moving Average Processes Under PA Random Variables
LI Yong-ming;XU Fu-shou;LI Jia;Department of Mathematics;Shangrao Normal University;Shangruo Shaxi middle school;Jiangxi Lichuan No.1 Middle School;
Global Topological Structure Analysis of a Class of the Plane Five Order Differential System with Three Entries
CHENG Xue-mei;College of Mathematics and Information Science;Weifang University;
Input-to-State Stability of Switched Polynomial Nonlinear Systems
LI Wen;CUI Bao-tong;MU Wen-ying;ZHANG Xiao-jiao;School of IOT Engineering;Jiangnan University;
Further Results about Estimating the Growth of Entire Functions Sharing Polynomials
QI Jian-ming;ZHU Tai-ying;Department of Mathematics and Physics;Shanghai dianji University;
The Promotion and Application of Stability for a General Class of Stochastic Neural Networks with Mixed Time Delays
ZHANG Jin;Department of Mathematics Suqian Higher Normal School;
Solving Method of Partial Differential Equations Based on Multiquadric Radial Basis Function Networks
CHAI Jun-xia;ZHANG Li-tao;LIU Dao-hua;Department of Computer Science;Beijing Dongcheng Vocational University;School of Matchematic and Computer Science;Xinyang Vocational and Technical College;School of Computer & Information Technology;Xinyang Normal University;
Existence Results for a Class of Third Order Impulsive Functional Differential Inclusions
YE Guo-bing;ZHAO Yu-lin;HUANG Li;College of Science;Hunan University of Technology;
A Class of Supersolvable Groups which Are not SM-groups
WANG Hui-qun;Department of Mathematics Changzhi Collage;
Practical Criteria for Nonsingular H-matrices
ZHU Hai;WANG Jian;LIAO Xiu-wu;XU Zhong;The Key Lab of Education for Process Control & Efficiency;School of Management;Xi’an Jiaotong University;College of Computer Science and Technology;Zhoukou Normal University;Department of Applieol Mathematics;Northwestern Polytechnical University;
Exact Solution of Steady-state Heat Conduction for Axisymmetric Functionally Graded Layered Circular Plate
WANG Wen-shuai;SHI Peng-peng;School of Mathematics and Computer Science;Ningxia University;School of Electromechanical Engineering;Xidian University;
A New Recursive Formula of the Sum of Natural Number’s Power
YU Pin-neng;LIU Shuai;Institute of Science;PLA University of Science and Technology;