Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2015 Issue 5 Pricing Exchange Options with Credit Risk Under a Reduced Form Model
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2015 Issue 5
Pricing Exchange Options with Credit Risk Under a Reduced Form Model
SU Xiao-nan;WANG Wei;WANG Wen-sheng;School of Science;Nanjing Audit University;Department of Mathematics;Ningbo University;Department of Mathematics;Hangzhou Normal University;
A model for Cross-Efficiency Evaluation Based on the Concept of Overall-Coordinating Relative Efficiencies of DMUs
XIONG Wen-tao;LIN Rui-yue;YONG Long-quan;School of Mathematics and Statistics;Hubei Engineering University;School of Mathematics and Information Science;Wenzhou University;School of Mathematics and Computer Science;Shaanxi University of Technology;
Pricing Model of Traffic Congestion Charging based on Gini Coefficient
LUO Chao-hui;HUANG Ke-wen;YAO Yuan-guo;MO Da-long;Department of Mathematics and Computer Information Engineering;Baise University;College of Science;Hezhou College;
Study of Competition and Diffusion about Unconfirmed Information in Emergency
HUO Liang-an;HUANG Pei-qing;Business School;University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;Antai College of Economics & Management;Shanghai Jiaotong University;
The Evaluation and Analysis of R&D Efficiency of Firms in China
MA Xiao-jun;DIAO Xiao-qun;School of Statistics;Dongbei University of Finance and Economics;
Personalized Service Construction Based on the Customers’ Segmentation Model in the Telecom
GAO Yong-mei;JU Chun-hua;ZOU Jiang-bo;School of Information Engineering;Hangzhou Vocational & Technical College;School of Computer Science & Information Engineering;Zhejiang Gongshang University;
Interval Fuzzy Number Time Series Forecasting Based on Grey Model
ZENG Xiang-yan;SHU Lan;School of Mathematical Science;University of Electronic Science and Technology of China;School of Mathematics and Computational Science;Guilin University of Electronic Technology;
Spatial Characteristics of China’s Software Industry Cluster and the Affecting Factors:An analysis approach based on spatial panel models
TIAN Qing;MA Ming-yang;College of Management Science and Engineering;Dongbei University of Finance and Economics;
Gert Model for the Evolution of College Network Public Opinion Crisis and Its Coping Mechanism and Strategies
XU Jing;LI Ya-ping;FANG Zhi-geng;College of Economics and Management;Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;
Improved Aggregative Rank and Its Application in Henan Municipal Government Website Performance
TAO Xiao-lin;GAO Jie;Foundation Department;Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute;
Study on Grey Model Combined with Artificial Neural Networks Model for Water Quality Forecast
GUO Lan-lan;ZOU Zhi-hong;AN Yan;School of Economics and Management;Beihang University;
Application of Faults Identifying Technique in Beizhong Oilfield
LI Zhan-dong;XU Da-you;ZHANG Hai-xiang;LIANG Peng;LI Meng;College of Petroleum Engineering Institute;Northeast Petroleum University;College of Earth Sciences Institute;Northeast Petroleum University;
The Concept and Model of Relative Peak for Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescriptions Based on Catastrophe Theory
GU Zuo-lin;LI Fang;LIU Dong-yan;YUAN Tong-shan;LI Tao-bo;LI Du-bin;ZHI Zheng;YU Li;LIU Long;ZHANG Sheng-jun;HAN Yun-peng;LI Du-hua;Basic Medical College;Hebei Medical University;Clinical Medical College;Hebei Medical University;Management College;Universidad Rey Juan Carlos;The Second Hospital;Hebei Medical University;Traditional Chinese Medical College;Hebei Medical University;The Library;Hebei Medical University;Traditional Chinese Medical Department;The Second Military Medical University;
Solution and Significant Analysis of the Platform on Ice Induced Vibration in Liaodong Gulf
LI Hui-hui;JIANG Jing;WANG Hua;HE Yang;YU Yong-quan;ZHANG Da-yong;CNOOC Information Technology CO;Ltd Beijing Branch;School of Science and Technology;Dalian University of Technology;
Trend of Electromagnetic Probing Technique for Ice Thickness Measure
CHAI Ting-ting;QIN Jian-min;ZHAO Mei-feng;Key Laboratory of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System Ministry of Education and Shanxi Orovince;Taiyuan University of Technology;College of Electronics and Information Engineering;Taiyuan University of Science and Technology;Shanxi Electric Vocational and Technical College;
The Influencing Factors Recognition Research on High Water Cut Oilfield Water Flooding Development Effect Evaluation Based on DEMATEL Method——A case study of Xingxi oilfield
LI Bing-yi;CHEN Li;LI Jin-ling;GUO Hai-xiang;ZHU Ke-jun;College of Economics and Management;China University of Geosciences;Wuhan University of Engineering Science;Center for Digital Business and Intelligent Management;China University of Geosciences;
Experimental Study on Shear Strength of Freshwater Ice in a Reservoir
JIA Qing;LI Zhi-jun;HAN Hong-wei;YU Kui;GU Xin;College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower;Heilongjiang University;State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering;Dalian University of Technology;
Production Quality Control Technology of Chinese Prepared Medicinal Herbs Based on Business Intelligence
XU Xue-song;XU Jia;GUO LI-wei;ZHANG Hong;ZHOU Jin-hai;The College of Information and Technology;Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;The College of Computer Science and Technology;Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications;The Research Institute of Chinese Medicine;Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine;Department of Computer Science and Technology;Nanjing University of Science and Technology;
Combination of Image Fusion Method Based on the His and Wavelet Transform
LIU Yi;XIANG Xiao-li;WU He-lei;MA Wei;School of Information Engineering;Nanchang University;
Research on the PRINCE Algebraic Attack
LI Lang;DU Guo-quan;ZENG Ting;YU Xiao-zhong;Department of Computer Science;Hengyang Normal University;College of Information Science and Engineering;Hunan University;Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory for Technology and Application of Cultural Heritage Digitalization;
Outer P-information Fusion and Its Conjunctive Characteristics of Attribute
WU Yu-qin;LIN Hong-kang;SHI Kai-quan;Department of Computer;Ningde Normal University;School of Mathematics;Shandong University;
Probabilistic Elastic Matching based Face Verification under Pose Variant
ZHANG Ling-li;College of Electronic Information Engineering;Wuhan Polytechnic;
The E-Bayesian Estimation of the Failure Rate Derived From Exponential Distribution in the Case of Zero-Failure Data
HAN Ming;School of Science;Ningbo University of Technology;
A Class of Accelerated Means Regression Models for Multiple Type Recurrent Event Data
ZHANG Qi-xian;LIU Ji-cai;School of Information Engineering;Sanming University;Mathematics and Science College;Shanghai Normal University;
Closed-form Equations of element mass matrix of Two-axis Flexure Hinges
HOU Wen-feng;School of Electromechanical Engineering;Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic;
The Modeling and Design of the Flight Light Control System of Tiltrotor Aircraft
KOU Qi;Institute of Information Engineering;Chinese Academy of Science;School of Computer and Control;University of Chinese Academy of Science;
Generalized Fuzzy DEA with LR-type Fuzzy Number
SUN Na;MA Sheng-yun;MA Zhan-xin;LI Dong-ping;Jining Teachers College;Department of Mathematics;Institute of Systems Engineering;Dalian University of Technology;School of Science;Inner Mongolia Agricultural University;School of Economics and Management;Inner Mongolia University;
Distributed Newton Algorithm for a Special Quadratic Programming Problem
WANG Yong-li;WANG Dong;HE Guo-ping;HU Yun-hong;College of Mathematics and Systems Science;Shandong University of Science and Technology;Computation Center;Shandong Academy of Sciences;Department of Applied Mathematics;Yuncheng University;
Analytical Solutions of a mode-Ⅲ wing-shape Crack in Piezoelectric Composite Materials
ZHONG Hai-ying;LIU Guan-ting;College of Mathematics Science;Inner Mongolia Normal University;
Product Conceptual Design Based on Third Creative Method of Extenics
QI Ning-ning;YANG Chun-yan;Research Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods;Guangdong University of Technology;School of Electromechanical Engineering;Guangdong University of Technology;
Sampled-Data Control for Linear Systems with Time Delays
BAO An-ping;YU Xin-gang;Faculty of CQC New Energy Technology;Nanjing College of Information and Technology;
Estimate the Development Factor of Chain-Ladder Method by Using Mathematical Programming
LU Zhi-yi;LIU Le-ping;ZHANG Hui;School of Science;Tianjin University of Commerce;Department of Statistics;Tianjin University of Finance and Economics;
The Application of Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation Method in Production Optimization of Polymer Flooding
HAO Wei;ZHOU Kang;SHI Feng-xia;XIA Zhi-zeng;YU Bo;Department of Disaster Information Engineering;Institute of Disaster Prevention Science and Technology;College of Petroleum Engineering;China University of Petroleum;College of Shengli;China University of Petroleum;College of Science;China University of Petroleum;
Mathematical Model and its Influencing Factors Analysis of Hubei GDP forecast
LIU Hua-lu;TANG Tao;School of Mathematics and Physics;Hubei Polytechnic University;
Estimation of the Number of Zeros of Abelian Integrals of a Class of Quadratic Reversible System
HONG Xiao-chun;MA Rui;WANG Bin;School of Statistics and Mathematics;Yunnan University of Finance and Economics;
The Limitative Minimum Base of Quasi-fuzzy Graph Matroid
LIU Wen-bin;LIU Dong-bing;Department of Basics;Wuhan Technology and Business University;College of Mathematics and Computer;Panzhihua University;
Existence Results for Fractional Differential Inclusion via Resolvent Operators in Banach Spaces
CHEN Li-zhen;FAN Zhen-bin;LI Gang;Department of Applied Mathematics;Shanxi University of Finance and Economics;Department of Mathematics;Changshu Institute of Technology;Department of Mathematics;Yangzhou University;
Fuzzifying Convergence Structures in KM Pseudo-Metric Spaces
DIAO Rui;School of Science;Mudanjiang Normal University;
Some Anzahl Theoremas in Singular Orthogonal Geometry over Finite Fields of Odd Characteristic
QIN Xue-feng;ZHONG Yu-lin;HUO Yuan-ji;Basic Department;Hainan College of Software Technology;Mathematics Department;Hebei North University;
Establishing and Solving of Catenary Curve Model Based on Ode Method
PAN Lu-lu;YAN Wei-dong;ZHANG Ying;YE Zheng-lin;School of Science;Northwestern Polytechnical University;
Research on the Method of Two-Stage DEA-Tobit Based on the Rural Health Service Sites’ Resource Optimal Allocation
LIU Gui-juan;LIU Jian-bo;LI Xiao-mei;CHEN Juan;FENG Zeng-zhe;College of Information & Engineering;Taishan Medical University;Department of Scientific Research;Taishan Medical University;
Construction of a Class of Codes with Error-Tolerance and Its Hamming Distance
KANG Li-kun;XU Li;DENG Chao-gong;Department of Basic Courses;Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College;Department of Basic Courses;Chengde Radio and TV University;
Mann Iteration Convergence Process for Nonlinear Pseudocontractive Mappings
WANG Ya-ning;LIU Jiao-min;Electric Engineering and Automative;Hebei University of Technology;Department of Mathematics and Physics;Shijiazhuang Tiedao University;