Mathematics in Practice and Theory 2015 Issue 9 The Analysis and Research on Price Index Progressive Period’s Grey Association Degree of Residents Food Consumption
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Mathematics in Practice and Theory
2015 Issue 9
The Analysis and Research on Price Index Progressive Period’s Grey Association Degree of Residents Food Consumption
SHAO Min-zhi;CEN Yong-ting;Shanghai Huangpu District Spare Time University;Shanghai Putuo District Spare Time University;
Research the Question of Position Competition Based on Principle-Agent Model
XIE Bo;WANG Xian-jia;YANG Sen;School of Econimics and Management;Wuhan University;Math and Information Science Department;Henan University of Economics and Law;
The Mode and International Compare of China’s Export Growth in Equipment Manufacturing Industry:Based on Three Margin Method
LIU Yao;ZHANG Xiao-Lei;School of International Economy and Trade;Dongbei University of Finance and Economics;School of Economics;Nanjing University;
Equilibrium Analysis of City Evening Peak Subway Multi-way Commute
WANG Yun-fang;CHEN Li-hua;WU Qi-zong;Guanghua School of Management;Peking University;School of Management and Economics;Beijing Institute of Technology;
The Equilibrium,Misalignment and Its Correction of Imbalanced China-US Trade
HUANG Wan-yang;Centre for Econometric Analysis and Forecasting;DUFE;
Forecast of China’s Natural Gas Consumption Based on ARIMA Model
GAO Jun-lian;XU Xiang-yang;Management School;China University of Mining and Technology;Center for Resources and Environmental Policy Research;China University of Mining and Technology;
The Gravity Method Defuzzy in Environmental Comfort Index Evaluating
CHEN Jia-yuan;WU Li-ming;CAI Wen;WU Hai-sheng;School of Information Engineering of Guangdong University of Technology;
Regime-Switching Shot Noise Processes and Application in Insurance
XU Ya-juan;DONG Ying-hui;Department of Mathematics and Physics;Suzhou Vocational University;Department of Mathematics and Physics;Suzhou University of Science and Technology;
The Method of Proportion Minimum Difference of poles and Improved Method on Fair Allocation of Seats
GUO Dong-wei;DING Gen-hong;College of Science;Hohai University;
Wind Power Prediction Based on Genetic Algorithm and Bp Neural Network
WU Gan-zhou;School of science;Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology;
Research on Stability and Jumping of the Soil Heavy Metal in Reclaimed Site Based on Function Model:A case study of the soil of mine reclamation in Xuzhou
DAI Wen-ting;DONG Ji-hong;DI Chun-lei;School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics;China University of Mining and Technology;Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information Engineering;
The Effect of Rheological to Dynamic Sag for all Oil-base Drilling Fluids
XU Tong-tai;YE Fei;HOU Rui-xue;Beijing Shida-Huyang Petroleum Science & Technology Co Ltd;School of Statistics;Capital University of Economics and Business;College of Petroleum Engineering;Northeast Petroleum University;
Application of Logging Data Normalization and Standardizationin Panyu Oilfield
TAO Bin;LI Lin;MENG Qing-you;FENG Jin;KUANG La-mei;Cnooc co.;LTD.Panyu Operating Company;
Fuzzy Variable Assessment on Emergency Ability of Hydropower Engineering
CHEN Shu;XU Jia-ju;ZHENG Xia-zhong;CHEN Yun;Hubei Key Laboratory of Cascaded Hydropower Stations Operation & Control;China Three Gorges University;College of Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering;China Three Gorges University;
Study on the Program Flow of Ice Hazards Based on the Ice Forces on Structures
GUO Ke-cai;CAO Cong-hua;JIANG Chong-bo;ZHANG Li-min;LI Zhi-jun;Shangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Ecology and Environment and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation;North China Sea Marine Forecasting Centre;State Oceanic Administration;State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering;Dalian University of Technology;
Influence of Applied Voltage on Discharge Modes in a Dielectric-Barrier Discharge with Multiple Current Pulses
LI Jia-qi;LV Yu-xiang;WANG Qi-yin;CUI Cai-e;ZHAO Rui;College of Physics and Optoelectronics;Taiyuan University of Technology;Datong Electric Power Supply Company;
Design of AES Algorithm Based on Physical Unclonable Functions Circuit
LI Gang;WANG Peng-jun;ZHANG Yue-jun;LI Jian-rui;Institute of Circuits and Systems;Ningbo University;
The Deformation Analysis of One Dimensional Hydrogel
CHEN Zhen;ZHANG Hui;College of Information and Management Science;Henan Agricultural University;School of Mathematical Sciences;Beijing Normal University;
System Dynamics Simulation and Policy Experiments of Urban Commodity Residence Price-Data Comparison of Shenzhen and Guilin
WU Zhen-hua;WANG Ya-bei;Guilin University of Electronic and Technology;School of Business;Guilin University of Electronic and Technology;Institute of Information Technology;
Design of Reversible Adder Based on RevKit
HU Jiang;ZHANG Qiao-wen;EDA Lab;Zhejiang Wanli University;
Population Prediction and Policy Evaluation by Dynamic Model
ZHANG Juan;DUAN Xi-chao;LI Jing;WANG Tao;JIN Zhen;School of Mechatronic Engineering;North University of China;Complex Systems Research Center;Shanxi University;University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;School of Computer and control engineering;North University of China;Department of Mathematics;Shihezi University;
The Factorization of Matching Polynomial of Kinds of Forests and Matching Equivalence Analysis
QIAO You-fu;QIN Dong-jing;ZHAN Fu-qin;Department of Mathematics;Hechi University;
A new characterization of the simple group F4(2n
LI Li-li;YAN Yan-xiong;School of Mathematics and Computation Science;Lingnan Normal University;School of Mathematics and Statistics;Southeast University;
A CN Finite Element Method for Two-dimension Soil Solute Transport Problems
TENG Fei;DENG Cong-zheng;LUO Zhen-dong;School of Mathematics Sciences;Kaili College;School of Mathematics and Physics;North China Electric Power University;
Bounded Rationality and Well-Posedness for Generalized Vector Variational Inequalities Problems
DENG Xi-cai;XIANG Shu-wen;Department of Mathematics;Guizhou University;Department of Mathematics and Computer;Guizhou Normal College;
The Indirect Bionic Fuzzy Adaptive Control Using Estimation for Approximation Errors
HUA Jing;YANG Xiao-dong;LI Yi-min;Faculty of Science;Jiangsu University;
Modified-convolutions and Applications of Extreme-Point Theory for a Subclass of Univalent Analytic Functions
LIU Xiao-li;XIONG Liang-peng;Engineering and Technical College;Chengdu University of Technology;
On the Synchronization of the Timed Event Graph
HAN Yan-yan;TAO Yue-gang;ZHANG Zi-long;College of Mathematics and Information Science of Hebei Normal University;Lab of Computational Mathematics and Applications of Hebei Province;
Superconvergence Analysis and Extrapolation of Nonconforming Mixed Finite Element Apporximation for Nonlinear Viscoelastic Wave Equation
MAO Feng-mei;LUO Juan;WANG Jun-jun;School of Mathematics and Informatics;Pingdingshan University;
Stability Analysis of a Linear and Stationary Investment Asset Developmental Equation
LIU Hui-ru;HE Jun;Mathematics and Physical College;Shijiazhuang University of Economics;Department of Common Subjects;Shengda Economics Trade Management College of Zhengzhon;
The Essential Spectrum of a Class of Symmetric Ordinary Differential Operators with Coefficients Containing Power Function and Exponential Function
YU Lin;WANG Wan-yi;College of Mathematics Science Inner Mongolia Normal University;Bao Tou Medical College;
The Product of Differentiation and Multiplication Operator from Hardy to Bers-type Spaces
ZHAN Mu-jun;School of Mathematics and Information Science;Guangzhou University;Department of Mathematics;GuangDong Prarmaceutical College;
Finite Element Methods for Solving Interface Eigenvalue Problems
LI Qin;JIANG Wei;School of Science;Beijing Technology and Business University;Institution of Electromagnetics and Acoustics;Xiamen University;
An Sequences of the Upper and Lower Bounds of the Minimum Eigenvalue of the Hadamard Product for an M-matrix
ZHAO Jian-xing;SANG Cai-li;College of Science;Guizhou Minzu University;
Chaos in the Fractional Chen-like System and Its Control
WANG Zhi-qiang;WANG Shu-ling;LIANG Song;WU Ran-chao;School of Mathematics;Anhui University;
Relationship and Applications of the Summation of Cesàro and Abel
MENG Fan-you;WANG Bing;JIN Jun;Department of Mathematics;Mudanjiang Normal University;
A Method About Nonlinear Constrained Optimization
WANG Guan-shu;OU Yi-gui;WU Bin;Shengli College;China University of Petroleum;College of Information Science & Technology;Hainan University;
Construction and Properties of Component Sequences
ZHANG En-bin;LIU Hong-min;Information Engineering Department;Hanan College of Finance & Taxation;
J.L.Doob and Stochastic Processes
YANG Jing;PAN Li-yun;Department of Foundation Courses;Beijing Union University;Department of Mathematics;Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication;
On The System of Indefinite Equations x~2-12y~2=1 and y~2-Dz~2=4
GUO Jing;DU Xian-cun;Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University;College of Teacher Education;Honghe University;
Analysis of Hopf Bifurcation in the New Exponential Chaotic System and Its Controlling System
ZHANG Ling-mei;ZHANG Jian-wen;ZHANG Jian-guo;College of Mathematics;Taiyuan University of Technology;College of Science;North China University of Technology;
Backward Bifurcation of an SIS Epidemic Model with General Contact Rate and Treatment
LIU Guo-yong;LI Gui-hua;ZHANG Yong-xin;School of Science;North University of China;
An Implicit Theory Study on the Concept of Innovative Environment:Data from teachers and students of colleges and universitys in Xingjiang province
TAN Chun-ping;TANG Chao-ying;SHI Jian-nong;School of Management;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;College of Agricultural;Xinjiang Agricultural University;Institute of Psychology;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Department of Learning and Philosophy;Aalborg University;