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Medical Journal of West China

ISSN 1672-3511 
Organizer: si chuan sheng nan chong shi zhong xin yi yuan  
Publisher: xi bu yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Western medicine" was approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, at home and abroad in a public offering comprehensive medical journals; is the "formal specification periodical publication" The first batch of qualified journals, is the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Paper Source Journals , China Science and Technology core journals, is "CAJ-CD specification," the implementation of an excellent journal. Issues of national reunification as: CN51-1654 / R; International Standard Serial Number is: ISSN1672-3511; Youfadaihao as :62-243; bi-monthly, large format 16, Price: 15 yuan / period? Copies. "Western medicine" has always insisted on high standards and quality, quality and standardization of the principles of running, implement the theory and practice, basic and clinical, universal principle of combining with the improved, focusing on clinical, focusing on practice, focusing on improved based in the west, facing the country, international standards, timely reports on results of the advanced medical technology and dynamic, and constantly blaze new trails with the times, and actively promote academic exchanges with domestic and international efforts to promote health care, teaching, research, preventive health care and the continuous improvement of hospital management. "Western medicine" in the column set up science, focusing on the professional attributes, to facilitate selection of reading and reader submissions; summary of papers published in the English standards, norms, scientific and accurate medical statistics, edit specifications, content enrichment, published a wide range, can be described set of scientific , advanced, practical and readable as a whole, has formed a journal style and features, and Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, a database of Chinese core journals Science and Technology, China Academic Journal Database, Chinese Academic Journal (CD) , Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, Articles - Digital Periodicals, Chinese newspapers and periodicals and subscription repository guide domestic and foreign many colleges and universities, public libraries, government agencies, research institutions, hospitals, businesses, military, etc. are included, subscription, Download, have a certain influence at home and abroad. (Translated by machine.)