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Modern Health(Medicine Innovation Research)

ISSN 1671-7821 
Organizer: zhong guo bao jian xie hui  
Publisher: xian dai bao jian yi xue chuang xin yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: Charge by the Ministry of Health, China Health Care Association, the modern healthcare magazine publishing, integrated national medical journals Science and Technology, the Chinese core journals (selection) included in the database, and text entry of China Digital Periodicals electronic version of the database. This publication is cutting-edge clinical research, advanced medical science and technology and innovation management culture as the main hospital, to demonstrate clinical subjects and medical health care technicians and technical personnel of the latest medical findings, reflecting the latest medical developments at home and abroad, services in various medical institutions at all levels of clinical medical and health workers to promote academic exchanges and to provide a platform for information dissemination. Call for year-round for the national medical journal manuscripts. (Translated by machine.)