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Modern University Education

ISSN 1671-1610 
Organizer: hu nan sheng gao jiao xue hui zhong nan da xue  
Publisher: xian dai da xue jiao yu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the Central South University and Hunan Higher Education Higher Education Association, academic journals, founded in 1985, 1978, the domestic and international press and publication implement the Hundred Flowers policy, study of modern university education, to explore higher education law, to promote higher education reform and development. Journal welcomes the modern educational thought, the history of foreign higher education, teaching methodology, comparative education, educational administration, education, economics, education, evaluation, educational psychology, education, aesthetics, innovation and education, moral education theory and other scientific theory has a new point of view, new materials, distinctive high-level academic papers, and the practice of higher education reform, university technology industry, adult and continuing education, quality research reports. (Translated by machine.)