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Modern Defence Technology

ISSN 1009-086X 
Organizer: bei jing dian zi gong cheng zong ti yan jiu suo  
Publisher: xian dai fang yu ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Articles by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Research Institute of the second overall design of the second organized by the Department, the national Chinese core journals. Publishes domestic and international defense technology, including defense, strategy and tactics, the overall air defense missile systems, precision guided and so on. Free days, the main part and weapons defense system, missile technology, navigation, guidance and control technology, command and control and communications, detection tracking technology, simulation technology. Audience is mainly the leadership of the military branches, the headquarters of leadership, leadership of National Defense; all military branches, aerospace, aviation and related institutions of scientific and technical personnel; tertiary students; engaged in combat training and use of force and other officers and men . (Translated by machine.)