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Modern Digestion & Intervention

ISSN 1672-2159 
Organizer: guang dong sheng yi xue hui  
Publisher: xian dai xiao hua ji jie ru zhen liao za zhi she  
Description: The publication of Chinese scientific papers Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China), follow the three main academic three-pronged: ① The main clinical application, basic combination of theory and clinical practice; ② in order to promote new technologies and new business based, combined with the increased popularity; ③ mainly of modern medicine, Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined. Professional based in Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary diseases into account. The main reaction Digestive interventional endoscopy, ultrasound, interventional radiology, with a particular emphasis on intervention, experts read films, to discuss difficult cases, special conversation by writing to their characteristics. The main columns are: monographs, short of the expert reading films, clinical experience, experimental research, review and translation, expert review, case reports, medical information, about acne, the characters introduction. To accomplishing a magazine based in Guangdong, for the country, integration of international Digestive Disease & Intervention in the modern comprehensive academic journal. (Translated by machine.)