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Modern Transmission

ISSN 1673-5137 
Organizer: dian xin ke xue ji shu di wu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: xian dai chuan shu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1975 by the Ministry of Information Industry in charge, the fifth of Telecommunications Technology Research Institute (formerly the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Research Institute V) host, is a rich scientific journals of Posts and Telecommunications, spread wide, authoritative and reliable academic and combining technology publications, readers throughout the country, has research and design institutes, professional institutions, telecommunications operating departments, manufacturers and telecommunications firms. It published a large number of optical communication, optical communication network, data communication technology and communications cables, fiber optic cable and other areas of the paper, and timely introduction, analysis of developments in the field of communications and the trend for the field of communications research, design, production, operation maintenance and other departments of the majority of engineers and technicians provides many valuable information and data. (Translated by machine.)