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Modern Cast Iron

ISSN 1003-8345 
Organizer: zhong guo ji xie gong cheng xue hui zhong guo yi qi zhu zao you xian gong si  
Publisher: xian dai zhu tie bian ji bu  
Description: The magazine was first published in 1981, is an open issue metallurgy abroad authoritative publications class, one of the major reports of various cast iron and iron-based composite materials, casting theory, technology, equipment, molding materials, testing and control technology, computer application technology and its research and production experience, and reported the contents of domestic and international development trends and academic events. This publication sections are: special report, review, experimental research, new technologies, technical seminars, testing, presentations and other foreign countries; suitable for metallurgy, casting, heat treatment and physical and chemical testing industry management cadres, technicians and university students to read . (Translated by machine.)