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Modern Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

ISSN 1673-5587 
Organizer: shan dong sheng ji xie she ji yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: xian dai zhi zao ji shu yu zhuang bei bian ji bu  
Description: Regional manufacturing technology magazine based in Shandong development and innovation system, for domestic and foreign manufacturing sector; introduction and spread of modern domestic and international manufacturing technology and equipment research status, level of development and recent industrial application; for domestic and foreign manufacturing industry, research institutions, business and modern manufacturing technology and equipment, types of users with a wide range of cooperation and communication services; integrated design, manufacturing and production management, and many other content with you to explore new manufacturing technologies and new manufacturing model, and explore Modern manufacturing technology and equipment development and application. Readers are: machinery and equipment manufacturing industries, especially manufacturing industry competent authorities at all levels of industry, industry associations, enterprises and institutions of engineering and technical staff, middle and senior management staff, students and other tertiary institutions. (Translated by machine.)