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Modern Property Management

ISSN 1671-8089 
Organizer: xian dai wu ye za zhi she  
Publisher: xian dai wu ye bian ji bu  
Description: Journal of the modern property is the property management field of professional media, but also China's first magazine owners. Since July 2002 has been officially inaugurated, with constant production perseverance, Real Story of the core concept of property management to consistently build in height, depth, breadth and speed advantages of professional communication platform, and its feature lead, creative priority, blend of thought, attention to establish the modern style of running his own media image. Today, China has become a modern property owners and property management company of choice for dialogue and communication channels. As a professional leader in the media, the modern property assigned responsibility to always maintain a very consistent independent of their quality and objective spirit, adhere to reporting the truth and the attitude of seeking the truth, civilization, progress and development of community as its goal to continuously various types of community work and owners who provide the most valuable wealth of information and unique perspectives. (Translated by machine.)